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Discussion in 'Horse Training' started by bnttyra, Dec 26, 2018.

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    It's the same for yellow mare in that she doesn't do it unless we have jogged or loped first. And the more responses I read the more likely it's due to inconsistency on my part as well. I'm on crutches again for the second time in a year. Last year I got maybe 30 rides in. I was allowed to ride, then I wasn't. Then allowed again, and then not. Frustrating for both of us.

    And because I never get to ride my horses I forgot about another thing I tried this year that worked. I totally ignored what she was trying to do and keep my body at a walk. She's so smooth and such a great mover that it's hard not to just ride the jig because it's not a rough prance thing, rather a slow jog, so I had to really think about what my body was doing. It took a few rides but she got better, as did I.

    Hot horses are so much fun aren't they? When you put my mare into an arena or you ask her to move cattle you'd never think she was hot. She knows and loves her job and she works so nice. But when she doesnt have a job she just wants to GO.
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    Ask her to keep on jogging past where she's begging to stop.

    Same deal as bolting: they do a gait you didn't want, you say, “O~kay, let's do it til you realize that when you decide we should follow YOUR idea, it never stops, and MY ideas, go on for much shorter periods.“ Any gait the horse decides NOT to obey, you force their chosen gait to go on forever. Next time, the horse thinks twice about taking THE LEAD over.
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    A lot of horses just keep on jigging given that 'remedy.'
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    I've had some dedicated jiggers. I had good luck with stopping it before it happens. Every.single.time.stop.it
    What I mean is for you to figure out she is about to break the gait you asked for and stop her from doing it. Turn, bend, do some double track exercises, whatever. I tried stopping, turning, whatever after the gait was broken and all it did in so.e cases was wind them up more.
    I have a gelding now that would rather jog than walk out on the trail. He does it with everyone but me now because I stop the job as soon as he thinks about it! He still thinks about it with me but is getting better.
    Consistency is key. You cannot allow even one step if a gait not asked for. Not one step. Ever. Lol
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    Have you tried moving the horse into some form of lateral or 2 track work as soon as the horse starts this jigging?

    Zee does this. He likes to anticipate everything! So that’s the solvent I used when it first started. Now I can just stop it without needing to do that, but that is how I began to get the control I needed.
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    Maybe try to add some magnesium to her diet too?
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    What has worked for me...time and time again, is an immediate stop...back up, then move off again. It's a "mind game" because the mare is in "getting somewhere" mode, and THAT needs to be shut down. You haven't asked her to jig/jog.....you have asked her to walk, so she is in control of the pace, and you need to let her know that YOU are in control of the pace. Stopping and backing up stops the "getting somewhere" thinking on her part and puts you back in control. I have not had any issues arise because of it.
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    If you want her to walk, work on walking. No loping, no jogging, no trotting. A walking ride only. Rinse, repeat. Eventually she will learn that walking is ok, acceptable, desired even. I had to do this with several of my 'hot' horses. They weren't hot, they just didn't know how to walk except for transitions.
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    I'm in agreement with @GotaDunQH . Sounds like what I would do. It definitely will take a lot of reps and need consistency and you'll probably be ready to blow your top for the first week, but I think if she's as smart as I'm guessing she is...she'll settle down and figure it out pretty quick. I would definitely just shut her down the second you feel her start to jog. Stop, back up, let her take a breath (you too), then softly ask for the walk. If she wants to jog again, shut her down again. You could add in transitions to keep things changing, but I really think she just needs to take a breath and relax.

    Some horses do better from the "you want to trot instead of walk, ok then you get to trot for DAYS" training vs. the shutting them down, backing them up and asking for the walk again. You ask for the walk, and if she wants to trot, the second she starts to jog, start really making it difficult for her. Lots of serpentines, tight figure 8's, no straight lines, and really use a lot of leg so that she is working hard. Wait until she is giving you signs that she wants to down shift, push a little bit longer, and then ask for the walk.

    There are several options for you to work on this...and it'll be up to you and Miss Kitty to figure out what works best. :)
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    What are you feeding your horse?

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