Just lost my dog to Canine Hemolytic Anemia, anyone have experience with it?

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    So about a week and a half ago my mom called the farm where I'm living now to tell them my dog had passed away from Canine Hemolytic Anemia the day before. This was a complete shock, we knew he had a back problem, a few compressed/sightly off disks (dachshunds are quite prone to back issues) and part of his heart was enlarged which could cause future problems, but was fine now.

    On top of it, the morning I was told, was also the morning where a horse at the farm passed away, my horses' best friend, he was 28, though had cushings and almost no teeth left.

    The disease hit very quickly, it was about 24 hours between the first signs and when he was put down. My mom thought it was his back that was giving out, he started losing control of his body, couldn't walk, or move properly. She kept him comfortable and watched him the whole night and kept him in the bed with her. The next morning, he was much worse and she decided to take him to the vet, about 4/5 hours away. They did a physical exam and said it wasn't his back, but there was some kind of fluid in his abdomen (turned out to be blood, he was bleeding internally) so ran a full blood work panel. That's when they found what he had, they said it's very rare for dogs to pull though his, and his chance was about 10%. At that point, he apparently could barely move on his own. My mom made the right choice and decided that it was time to put him down. The small chance he would have pulled though was to slim, and who knows how long he'd have even if he did. She also didn't want him to pass away alone in the vets office with people he didn't know, stressed and more scared then he already was. He died in her arms loved and cared for, as peacefully as it possibly could have been.

    I am so thankful I got to see him in Sept when me, my mom and brother went to Quebec for my grandma's 90th birthday.
    I'm so glad his death was more peaceful then his mom's, who was killed by a cougar 4 1/2 years ago. He was with my mom, and it was reasonably quick.

    I'm wondering if anyone else here has had experiance with Canine Hemolytic Anemia?


    Here's a picture of Puddles, he was 9.


    Puddles and his mom, Aline.

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