Jerk Mare just started kicking at other horses

Discussion in 'Horse Training' started by LeenieBean, Feb 26, 2018.

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    Dec 27, 2014
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    I know the weather has been so erratic here last year and this that mares that normally had quiet heats were having some real hormonal issues. Maybe that's it. Anyway, glad she's acting better.
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    Sep 14, 2012
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    so far so good. I think I would be truly worried if she ever acted cranky to a person, that would really be out of character for her. I haven't put her in a position to offer a kick but she has been otherwise good around the others, kept at a distance. the last time I was out she came to gate to meet me when I called, which is really unusual, she generally looks up and then returns to eating. Not hard to catch, but doesn't help you out either. She put her face right in her halter and she proceeded to offer her very best behavior and tried very hard in our ride. I can't complain there. She does seem to cycle hard- in that she does get the poops in spring and fall, but we had a real early warm melt that maybe messed them up. She's shedding out now. spring has sprung.
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    Wuss Horse has been kicking when he gets his food. He bucks, rears and kicks out. He doesn't do it when a person is in the stall. He doesn't kick toward the other horses.

    It appears that he is just terribly upset about the bad service in this joint. Either that or it is just that exciting to get fed.
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