Is Lindy progressing? Need another set of eyes...

Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by SkyeTiger, Feb 8, 2018.

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    She gets girthy and does a very strange wind sucking noise when I do up her girth, even very loosely. She doesn't clean up her hay well, which is not like her at all. She tends to be more hot headed and unsettled. She has a hard time relaxing under saddle, and is very sensitive on her barrel and flanks, even just running a very soft brush over her. I've had to treat her 3 times now since 2014 (when she foundered).

    My gelding had an impaction colic and had to be fasted, and he literally refused to eat anything but wood, which he obsessively chewed. He had a very pronounced sunken hip, which I thought may have been from being fasted so long and the colic, but after 3 days of omeprazole the hip was more filled out and he was eating like he had never eaten before. His was a much more dire situation, and his symptoms were much more glaring, but in my experience, they can react very differently.

    A friend's horse was scoped with grade 3 and 4 ulcers, and he was misbehaving under saddle, chewing wood, not cleaning up food, and super irritable when being brushed.

    I've never scoped mine, but the proof is in the results imo. I see a noticeable change within 3 days of omeprazole, and back to normal in about a week. Whatever form of omeprazole you are using (Ulcer/Gastroguard, Abler, people here have had success with Prilosec), you want 28 days of full treatment with a long, slow weaning process to prevent reflux (I do about 2.5-3 weeks of just weaning).
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    I’m thinking this might be a good thing to start for her for sure. She has always (since I bought her 7 years ago) been veryyy girthy. But, her stall I have noticed is more and more chewed on. :(
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    I do leg up stomach pellets too! I love Smartpak!
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