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    Hey there! So since I'm new here, I figured I'd come and introduce myself :)

    I'm a 21 year old country girl and living in my own cabin on my grandparents farm. In the last few years, I owned 2 different horses(at different times), but no longer have them (for a few different reasons) and it was hard to say goodbye to them.

    Now, I currently own an adorable and super sweet 6 month old filly named Ren. I've had her only a week now but love her to death. (I may also be getting a 14 year old TB mare soon too... xD )

    My horse goal:
    To one day run a horse rescue/sanctuary. And little Ren fits into that plan as well since I'm hoping to have her as my main, go to horse for when that rescue is running.
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    That is such a good goal that you have there.
    Welcome on board!
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