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    I don't know if where you live is in better shape than where I live, I hope so, but I can think of two 'ag companies' right around here that often have job openings. One is the 'Kitchen Made' cabinet company (or something like that - Kraft Made? Something?), the other is the local Coop farm store. Both a 30 min drive each way.

    The cabinet company has office job openings when someone dies, for about five minutes. It's a surprisingly small staff and such jobs are usually filled from within the ranks. They often have a few factory floor jobs available, jobs local Amish men usually get. The local farm coop store hires people to work the sale counter all the time. They're expected to know an extensive inventory, work the cash register,AND tote farm supplies out to cars. Experience driving a fork lift is a positive.

    You don't have to buff your nails for those jobs.

    The jobs around this rural are that are available more often, are mostly in the suburbs or city, and most are - fairly fussy about appearance - and many other things. That's because many of them are for the local health care super-company - you don't even want to know how many vaccinations they want you to have, lol, or how many blood tests you'll have to get before they hire you, and dress code is big - and strict - for them, but varies job to job. But you better not walk down the hall with your ID badge picture not visible - that's grounds for immediate termination.

    I wish you all the best in finding an office job that lets you define the dress code, or anything else(hours, culture, etc)....Those jobs are out there, but they're not always the greatest jobs.

    My friend got an office job like you want, a while ago, it was at a small company that makes paint pails. It was a 'chief cook and bottle washer' job - she did a little bit of everything, and didn't do any 'customer-facing'. It was exactly what she wanted.

    I hope that you get a job exactly like what you want.

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    You do not need to get your nails done. Clean them up just make them look nice.
    I have 3 pairs of slacks. One plain black, one black with gray pin stripes, and one gray with white pin stripes. I have a dark gray button up top and a black blouse with white floral pattern.
    Don't get anything to tight or too loose. One of multiple slacks is actually from Wal-Mart.
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    Just get the stick on nails they have at walmart. No sense in spending a bunch of money on nails that will get ruined.
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    I think the overall culture for office jobs has changed since SLC was a regular in that world. I wear a variety of clothes, depending on the day, what I have going on, the weather, how I feel, and if I plan well. :cautious: Winter is normally a skirt with leggings, boots, and some sort of top. Top could be a sweater, a shirt, really anything. today I am wearing a short skirt over leggings, boots, a black tank top with a little yellow sweater bolero. Summer is a skirt, or slacks, with an appropriate top, and very frequently flip-flops unless I need a little more, than just slip-on flats. If I am going to an awards thing I dress up, I look at those as an excuse to be fancy. I do own a nice pencil skirt and blazer I will wear for large conferences where we are getting an award or something. Fridays are casual days here, so those are normally jeans.

    I normally don't wear a lot of makeup, and my hair depends on the day. As far as nails go, ha, those pretty much never happen. Tattoos are fine here as well. Now our EMS partner doesn't allow unnaturally colored hair for their folks, but that is pretty much as strict as they get.

    Everyone I know who works in an office environment is pretty much the same as here. Nice, clean, not trashy, but you sure don't have to have your nails done, wear simple jewelry, dress fancy, etc., to have a job. Now for an interview yes I would make sure I was cleaned up, but the whole woman in the workplace has moved forward enough that most places we aren't mannequins on display anymore.
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    I'm SLC I don't know when you last interviewed but the times have changed. I have meet higher up, white collars who have full sleeve tattoos and ear gages.
    I'm fairly certain that the office world is finally realizing that just because someone looks different doesn't mean they are incapable of doing the job.

    **** I have meet doctors that looked like biker gangs. Really cool dude, loved chatting with him.

    For an interview just look clean and not like you rolled out of bed 2 min ago. They want your brains not you make up smeared face.
    I just put on foundation to cover up my acne break out.
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    Just found a blazer in the back of my closet, AND it fits!

    Now, can I wear a black with white pin stripe jacket with plain black pants? That isn't some sort of faux paus, is it?
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    I'm still a regular in that world, so, you're wrong. 'The culture' has not changed. What I said still goes.

    Let's review what I said: SOME COMPANIES expect you to dress more formally, AND OTHERS DO NOT.

    That hasn't changed. It never will change. There will always be some companies that will send you home if you wear boots, leggings, and little boleros, and flip flops. You STILL cannot dress that way at many companies.

    In fact, I LMAO at boots, little boleros, leggings and flip flops. You're living in a fantasy if you think there's a universal acceptance of that kind of attire for ALL or even MOST office jobs these days, if you really believe that, you have led an incredibly sheltered life.

    Let us again attempt to return to what I actually said. That is, SOME companies allow such dress, and OTHERS DO NOT.

    And that by refusing to compromise on some of these very low effort requirements, you cut yourself off from a number of jobs.

    You wouldn't want a job where you had to do your nails, or couldn't wear flip flops? You got a sugar daddy or something? Ever been a sole provider for a family? I have horses to feed. If doing my nails is the difference between keeping this farm and being homeless, I am bloody well going to do my nails. You get laid off a few times and face losing everything you care about, you'll get a whole lot more flexible.

    Let's say that 10 companies expect you to dress more formally, and 10 do not.

    If you do not want to dress more formally (especially in the interview) that means that you have a chance of getting hired at 10 out of 20 of those companies.

    A lot of people can't afford to be that picky. You can? Lucky you.

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    Ever thought that maybe it is you that has led the sheltered life? People share their own experience and their own realities, but you reject them as not being so.

    The world is changing, and for non customer facing jobs codes are more relaxed than they used to be.

    Women need to challenge the rules, we should not be judged on our pretty clothes, lipstick or nails, not unless the man next to us is. Clean, well groomed, bathed, tidy, all these, yes.
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    No, that's not what you said.

    You are ignoring that there is more than "Business Formal' and "Burlap Sack". Am I going to wear some of the same outfits to the office that I wear to college? No. Also doesn't mean I'm going to go buy a wardrobe of pencil skirts and pink polish so that I can sit in my cubicle and not talk to anyone all day. I wouldn't wear flip flops or short skirts, but I don't wear those anyway. A bolero? How is that inappropriate? It's a common addition to a formal dress.

    And yeah, corporate culture is changing. You don't need to wear a pant suit for most office jobs outside of finance, law, or top floor corporate. OP said she wasn't applying for Wall Street. Basic office job can be anything from back room data entry to executive work. Especially if someone isn't client facing daily, you don't need to look like your walking out of a 80's Sears catalog. If there is a client meeting or a meeting with a higher-up, then you can dress more formal. (And for clarification, the opposite of 'more formal' isn't 'burlap sack')

    And yea, if a workplace said I needed to wear pink polish or I'd be fired, I'd be looking elsewhere. If they are that ridged about my nails, I don't want to know what other crazy rules they have.

    It should be fine if the blacks are the same shade.
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    I work for a large financial institution that is FORMAL. Solid pink nail polish would be a huge no no! Acceptable attire is no polish but neat and clean, clear coat, or a French manicure. A dated look never goes over well.

    I also wouldn’t do fake nails because if an interview goes well here we may send the person post interview for a typing test (depending on the position) and fake nails can slow you down.

    I am on a team who conducts a hundred+ interviews a year so I get to see a fair range of attire. Suits that aren’t obviously dated are fine, clean and functional attire is a must! If you can’t walk in heels don’t wear them. You’ll make a better impression in flats with short nails that can walk and pick up paper/type easily as opposed to someone tottering on heals that can’t pick up their own resume to hand out.
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