Ideas for unmounted camp activity ASAP

Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by Cara, Jun 5, 2007.

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    thanks guys! great ideas, keep 'em coming!

    the facility's big, about 80 horses (its the UCDavis Equestrian Center for anybody who knows UCD). we're ok for spending a bit of money on crafts and such.

    so keep the ideas coming, I'll have a good list to submit tonight!
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    haha wow that's our exact gameplan here are our little games lol
    -parts of the horse, someone has to make lots of lables LANIMATION for next year and you also need a very humerous horse to tape them to;)

    -tack day, old bridles let them look at it first then it is completely taken apart and they are left to put it back together-have the counselors help

    -grooming/bath day-again very humorous horse that is also quite dirty;)

    -hand painting now we don't always do this but the kids LOVE it, grab a couple light colored horses that are not ridden frequently and you have the owners permission lol then get some non toxic washable paint and let the fingerpainting begin

    -braiding manes/tails, show the kids then let them practice, we have a little "horse show at the end of the week so if they want they can do a few braids, or the forelock and tail

    now these usually don't take the full hour of riding that we do so here are just some random goofy games that us counselors make up to pass the time
    -pony pony horse (duck duck goose)
    -canter halt (red light green light)
    -fashion show, use random stuff in the aisle and model it splint boots are always a favorite
    -and horseless horse show is a complete obsession if you have another ring with jumps that isn't being used then this will entertain the kids and counselors for hours and hours simply jump the jumps it is surprisingly addicting, have some set up for the little kids then have a few that are for people who want to jump higher, chickens fun kind of like limbo but the opposite, keep raising it once you chicken out your out, this one girl jumped 4 ft!

    also at the end of each week we get some big boards and paint again and the campers but their hand or foot print then their name

    um oh do colors of the horse walk around and ask the color of this horse etc, they love it
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    how about making horse and people goodies like cookies? :)
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    We did magazine scavanger hunts (hand out old Practical Horseman magazines or whatever you have) and give points for finding a palomino, a canter, a rider doing something they aren't allowed to do (ducking under a neck, not wearing a helmet, whatever). Be creative.

    We also had a barrel that we had mounted on a metal frame. We put a saddle on it and practiced emergency dismounts, etc.

    We watched Thrills and Spills, old Rolex videos, and whatever else I could get my hands on. I also had a copy of the poem "The Man from Snowy River." I would read the poem (in the best dramatic voice I could muster), then show the movie clip. You could do games (reenacting it on foot, creating costumes, etc) related to that or other things you watch.

    You could write horsey skits and act them out (again, with or without costumes, etc).

    You can give theory lessons for older kids--how to clean tack was my favorite--I got my tack cleaned and the kids usually enjoyed it the first time around! We also taught them about feeding by having them help mix feed or put out piles of hay in the pasture, taught about stall cleaning (not much, but you can get a bit done, and ultimately it's not about that), and had kids make a list of all the chores that need to be done daily at a barn. Some kids really want to learn this stuff!

    We got catalogues (say Dover), gave kids a budget, and told them to outfit their barn or buy what they need for a show or an overnight trail ride.

    You can have them judge the mounted games. Have them help with the lessons (human buzzer every time a heel goes up, be a human cone for the riders to circle, try and find ways the riders could improve). If you have even one horse that isn't being used (we generally rotated our horses) you can do grooming, wrapping, leading, and tacking up/untacking lessons. We found they often just wanted to pet the horses and feed them treats, especially the littler kids. We also stuck cards with body parts to a horse--that was funny.

    We also did "super-secret" trail rides--we'd take the kids off the trail and behind the cabins, up the tiny trail to the infirmary that most kids didn't know existed, and then behind the canteen (where we would buy each kid a treat from the canteen on our tab--totally worth it). We'd dress up in camoflouge and put on face paint. You could have your kids scout the trail or "collect intelligence" by creating a scavenger hunt or something.

    Okay, I hope that helps! Oh, and this was a boys' camp with 80% being boys that just wanted to yahoo around--all but the horsemanship lessons worked. We were a small program--2 horseback staff and one counselor with limited horse experience, 6 horses, and 10-12 kids per class.

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