I was eliminated for what?!? All rule savvy eventers please help!

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    I've never heard of this, its good to know and a good lesson.
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    Folks pretty much nailed it--crossing your tracks between jumps is not allowed and is faulted as a refusal. Any kind of circling between jumps, whether to regain control, because you are lost, etc. is faulted that way. The video doesn't show a refusal, it shows a circling fault. The good news is that you are right--your pony was a good boy and doesn't know he accrued the faults. So a technical mistake, not a riding or horse mistake. I'll take that any day. I have NO idea why they initially said you were eliminated. There was NOTHING that indicated that. Weird, but then, officials also make mistakes (like the time they told my coach she had completed the entire 5 minute Training XC course 2 minutes too fast--as if that were reasonable without major incidents or anyone noticing she was going 750 mpm).

    For future reference as far as dressage warm up goes, you should have a warm up steward. That person makes sure warm up rules are being followed, and he/she should direct you to the proper arena, tell you which signal you want, and tell you where they are in order of go. You can ask which number is directly before you. You also get your bit checked and ask if the arena is running on time and check in with the warm up steward so they know you are there and can call for you.

    My coach requires that when she meets us we can immediately tell her which arena, the signal, point out the three riders that enter before us in order, mention any delays or scheduled breaks, then tell her what we have done to warm up so far. Only then will she coach her clients (obviously younger/newer/more beginner clients get cut a lot of slack here). That way she and I can both keep an eye on the arena along with the steward. I leave myself several minutes for this check in process. Incidentally, a similar process exists for the warm up for SJ and XC (without the bit check).
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