I sent my baby off to kindergarden today :(

Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by ibsammy, Jul 8, 2018.

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    I decided to have someone else put Lolas first two weeks on her. I just don't have time to ride her everyday for a while and I prefer that for greenies. I have been on her a few times, and she knows all her ground work, I've just never asked her to actually work under saddle. I miss my Loloves. I rescued her 2 years ago, and she was a malnurished mess. I looked through pictures of her through the years and she has hit some awkward growth spurts but I think is done growing now. She is just over 4 now.

    Lola is my half arab half paint mare. She is the sweetest thing, and the most tolerant thing. My first ride on her I actually didn't prep her for at all. I just caught her out of the pasture, put a saddle on, and climbed on and she was like "Okay...this is fun and new!". She is the only horse moving with me so I'd really like to get her going before we move.

    She is the result of idiot breeders, but didn't turn out *too* awful. She never really grew into her head, and she's got kind of an ewe neck, but I think work will help with that (and just the ground work from the last week has built up her topline). I didn't think to grab a picture today (I know...) but will when I go visit her. Her dam (Paint) is halter and HUS bred, sire is HUS bred from what I can tell. It's been harder to find info on the arabs, just pictures.

    She's actually a cute little mover, and just a fun horse to be around. She runs up to you in the pasture if you call her name. We'll be taking dressage/hunter lessons, though I'm going to see how she holds up coming into work. We might take this year lightly. I probably won't start her under jumps until next year. It's tricky since she was malnourished until 2, she really only stopped growing this year, even though she's 4. I lost 30 lbs last year specifically so I could ride her, since she isn't a really big mare (maaaaaaaybe 14 hands). With my western saddle I need to use a mini cinch on her (20"). Once I'm certain she has no buck (which she hasnt offered yet), I'll move her to my dressage saddle which fits her, and hopefully my CC which i think should fit. She's got your typical flat flat arab back, but has a decent wither. I started my diet again today, combined with running and yoga, since I know she will notice if I am off, where my bigger horses can tolerate a bit more of my muscle imbalances.

    She left at 1 o clock today and I already miss seeing her in the pasture :(
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    And not a picture in sight~!! :faint:
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    even if you didn't get pics today, you should still have pics on your phone or something!!!
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