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    Me too. My parents brought me to church, along with all my siblings, from the time I was a wee sprout. I went to Sunday School. I enjoyed it. It was social and the stories were interesting but I never took them any more seriously than any other story I read or heard. There was just no logic to it.

    I felt the same way about Santa Claus. Fun story, makes for great holiday cartoons, but there's no logic to it. We don't even have a chimney! I was not shattered to find out that I was right about either thing.
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    As a mom who was raised in a very religious family lost a child to brain cancer and a mom with another child with multiple disabilities I’ve often pondered the mysteries of life and God and here is what I have come too.

    I’ve gone through some periods where I was extremely angry with God for allowing my innocent children and other innocents to struggle while horrible people seem to thrive. I do however still believe that there is a God or Higher Power. I believe that life continues after our body dies and I believe that one a person passes that their soul or energy remains…and that souls can communicate but it takes a tremendous amount of their energy to do so. I believe that I know the feel of my daughters soul as it once lived inside of me.

    What I have come to is that religion tells us that we came to earth to obtain an earthly body and to learn and grow and exercise our free agency as the next phase of our eternal progression through life. There were no promises that this was going to be easy or fun…in fact some lessons in life are extremely painful. School is often a mixture of challenges and fun. I believe that my children agreed in our prior life to my teachers and clearly I had very much to learn during this phase of my life.

    I believe that a belief in or praying to God may bring comfort too you but that the Nature and the Lesson of life will go on.
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    I don't believe in God's will anymore. My mom was extremely religous and I watched her slowly die while being told it was God's will. The idea someone could allow for people totally devout to slowly die because they want it to bugs me.

    I think often it is wrong place or wrong time, or it could just be fate for somethings. But i no longer believe in a God who picks and choses who to make suffer.
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    I think they are in touch. They're just not coming around in broad daylight and asking someone to take them to our leader~!! They are usually sucessful at concealing themselves, but some people are less susceptible to forgetting what they experience and know about them.

    There was less ability to communicate and to travel thousands of years ago, and fewer weapons. So, pretty easy to come visit a community of people and not have the whole World know about it. Pretty easy to do so without fear of being gunned down. Today, some fool, right after :poop: ing his pants, would shoot them~!!

    I think they have been adding to our genetic gene pool and this is the reason we have advanced in intelligence, and, other intelligent animals have not. Nobody is trying to make elephants smarter, but, humans have advanced in leaps and bounds.

    Plus, when I was a kid, I saw them in my living room, then poof~!! I don't remember a thing after that until the next morning, when I woke up in bed, tucked in.

    To this day, I am never fully under the covers in bed. Can't stand being tucked in. Nobody ever tucked me in, that'd be an exercise in futility. I have to have one leg out of the covers. So, Who tucked me in?
    Nobody that lived in my house did.

    And, my lower leg hurt. I had a black lead pencil looking thing under my skin just above the ankle. Not there when I went to bed. So, yeah. I think they're here, responsible for some cattle mutilations, some crop circles, advances in intelligence in humans, and who knows what else. All that “junk“ DNA they say we have, I don't believe it's junk just because science doesn't know what it's for yet. So....
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    That'd be influencing. I've never had an experience and you're the first person I've known personally that has passed anything like that on. I really don't know why they'd be here, but I won't discount testimony from rational people.

    Back then, there probably wasn't technology to discern what was in your leg if it'd been inspected. :(
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    Everything happens for a reason, even if that reason is as simple as "you were in the wrong place at the wrong time".

    When my vehicle was totalled, I remember thinking to myself as I watched the car behind me rear-end my new car "... I could have stayed at work, but NO. I picked today to need something from the city." If I would have taken another route or been five minutes later or even just stayed at work... I would probably still have that car.

    Instead, I got to call my insurance broker and start a claim on a vehicle in which I didn't even have my REAL insurance paperwork yet - it was so new that I still had my temporary insurance and the real one was in the mail. My broker laughed at me.
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    Ugh that is terrible!
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    What Arem said.

    God doesn’t will this to happen, but he allows it. This world is not perfect. You cannot turn on darkness the way you can turn on a light. Darkness is simply distance from, or lack of, light. Our world is very far from the Light as a whole, and even those who think they are closest to it are broken and only human.

    The Bible does not promise the absence of suffering. God’s followers suffer all throughout the Bible and even God and Jesus endure suffering. No major religion promises escape from suffering. Who are we to expect to be exempt from terrible things? The next life is the perfect one. In this life, we pay the price for humankind’s separation from God in varying degrees.
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    God doesn't exist. Its an imaginary being meant to control people's behavior. Its a falsehood to give people a sense of security.
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