Human for sale! Bad conformation!

Discussion in 'Critique My Horse' started by Roleysnewmom, Oct 15, 2009.

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    $1695.87 obo

    Stocky, short, Dark Palomino Ranch Bred QH mare. Has a good handle on her for working and doctoring cattle, good babysitter/teacher for younger colts and other animals. Has some hip, back and neck issues that require chiropractic work occarionally. Is a cribber, and will try to pull her hind feet away from the farrier during rasping (it tickles!). Other than those small issues, she is good for vet, stands tied, loads, leads and is easy to catch and tack up. Can be used for short endurance runs and could even be used as a pack horse in the mountains! Push button broke and nearly bombproof -random shadows can cause her to spook- good with kids. Goes through nearly any obstacle with no issue -water, prickly ash, you name it!-. Has been shot off of, been ridden among 4 wheelers, been hauled to many events including parades and dirt track car races.
    Has never been used as a broodmare, so she is sold open and buyer understands she would be a maiden.

    Inquire within, serious inquiry only and cash only please!
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    Senior yellow (Palomino) AQHA mare, well past any "mare" issues, therefore no need for Regumate!! LOVES LOVES LOVES barefoot for this mare. Gets along great with any herd members, will be a leader or follower depending on the situation, but also enjoys alone herd bound issues to worry about. Bombproof and not even afraid of bugs! DEFINITELY prefers western....the slower the better, however has performed pretty much all the disciplines handily. Has a ton of show experience with many successes, but needs confidence to get the job done. Built well, stays fit, sound. MUST be blanketed in the winter and a stall fan in the summer. Price negotiable to the right home (preferably with a pool.)
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    I love this thread...was reading through all of this again, brought back fond memories of members too.
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    FREE to good home.
    Young palomino thoroughbred mare. Lovely temperament, excellent coat with beautiful full mane. Requires a stall, is frantic at night and likes to be inside. This horse is a companion only as she has grade 2 wobblers, arthritis in FR, and hind gut acidosis so requires a special diet. Loves hand walking on the trails. This mare loves to frolic and play in the pasture despite her physical limitations, comes when called, enjoys carrots, and respects all types of fence. Excellent ground manners, absolutely no buck bite or kick.
    ONLY to a forever, loving home. Prefer she goes to a home with a quiet atmosphere.

    LOL :faint:
    No one would take me!
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    12 year old grade brown mare; 15.3 HH; completely sound, former broodmare. Producer of smart,strong offspring who have been proven winners in their fields. Very easy keeper; does not need additional feed or supplements; will not eat any animal based feed.

    Would like to be a RETIRED former broodmare, but has good work ethic and will hit the ground running every day if sufficient caffeine is provided. Good feet, good conformation, but no papers. Seldom needs to see the vet or have her teeth floated. Lead mare personality, so do not put her out with disrespectful geldings.

    Current owner will be a hard sell, as he has had this mare since she was a yearling, and knows how lucky he is to have her. May be interested in trade for musical instrument.
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    Old broken down bad tempered mare. Mixed breed. Chronic joint pain, numerous poorly healed fractures, bad left knee.

    Good work ethic but can’t handle heavy work. Poor social skills, prefers to be kept singly.

    All offers considered.
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    That's odd, no geldings.
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    Nobody would admit it if they were~!!!
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