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    I joined this forum at the recommendation of a friend on another forum so I could search posts, and ask and answer questions etc.

    I have been around horses since before I can remember as both my grand father and great grand father broke, trained, and sold horses for a living as well as running a horse raising/ranching operation. Our family has always had horses in one capacity or another and probably always will. I was in the Marine Corps for eight years(2 in security forces, 6 in the infantry) but now days I am an engineer for a privately held engineering firm and I am also a brand inspector for the Montana Dept. of Livestock Brands Enforcement Division. Because I still buy, train and sell horses on the side I always have 3 - 4 horses at any given time, sometimes more, but usually not less. I usually deal in AQHA and APHA horses that are for general riding and ranch horses but I have had some that went on to become professional barrel horses etc.

    Thanks for letting me join your forums.
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    Great to have you here Andy, nice to meet you-!! Looks like you'll have a lot to share honestly.
    Susie :)

    Welcome to the forum - :tiphat:
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    Welcome to the forum! We’re glad to have you and I’m sure we can learn a lot from you and your experiences!(y)
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