How to make a mare motel/pipe corral safer?

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    I'm moving to a great horse property with an acre turn out and a nice flat riding arena. The footing is really nice, sandy, drains great. Yay. Both my horses will be so incredibly happy to have turnout time for a good part of the day instead of one hour, which is pretty standard at most of the boarding barns I've been to in Southern California.

    The property has a two horse mare motel/pipe corral. They are approximately 24x32 in size with a nice big cover on both stalls. They are entirely made of pipe corral though. Both my horses are very friendly with each other and have lived next to each other for the last few months. The stalls they are currently in are an in and out type. The front portion is a 3 sided stall using modular siding type panels and the pipe corral at the back has the heavy duty mesh horse safe wire stuff welded, so they can't kick through.

    So while both horses are friendly - the young one is a bit playful and not the smartest thing. I wouldn't put it past him to kick up at his buddy and get a leg through the pipes, so I want to enclose at least the panel that separates the two stalls. I was also thinking of putting something up at the front of the stall because he paws at feeding time.

    My thoughts are using a heavy duty rough plywood with 2x6 or 2x8 boards at the very bottom/against the ground. I was also thinking of using hot wire between the two stalls and along the front for the young one that paws.

    I'm also going to put down rubber mats in the feeding area and might start using some nibble nets so they can "graze" throughout the day.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone else modified their pipe corrals to make them safer for a horse that could kick and or paw?

    Thanks so much!


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