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Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by Dona Worry, Apr 19, 2017.

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    With 4 to care for & I don't live on property - I groom whomever I'm riding or working - or I can't NOT groom - Is blankets were off for a day or more and now I have to put blankets back on and they are covered in mud, or someone needs some kinda therapeutic treatment.

    There are few times that I groom just to groom.......I just don't have the time anymore. Sure it happens, but just by luck.

    Tails are left from October to May - I don't touch them. In the summer they are done before shows & if something is needed in between. Manes are done pretty much the same - though the odd time I may comb a mane out prior to riding.

    Feet are done with all other grooming unless there's a need to do it more - someone isn't moving right or has had an issue the last few days.

    TIme depends on how dirty they are. Could be as quick as a 2min brush once a blanket is ripped off to a full on 1 hour + full grooming for a show, or "spring cleaning".
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    Forgot to mention to check for ticks dona. While your grooming use your fingers and run through their mane, their ears and near their dock and under the tail. Those seem to be the hot spots.
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    So far I have found two on her face, but I haven't checked these areas specifically. Thanks!
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    My two that I ride I groom 4ish days a week. I usually leave their manes and tails alone. Especially Sublime's tail. He has had a lot of mishaps in the past that has left his tail a little skimpier than it used to be, so I don't want to cause any more breakage of tail hairs. :( I would put his up in a braid and vet wrap it like I usually do, but then it gets worse and he ends up losing more hair than if I just leave it down and don't touch it.

    My retired mare I barely ever groom honestly. She likes attention when she wants it, so I don't force it on her. I always check her over, but won't groom unless she is shedding out or some other problem. Or if she is being particularly loving that day, then I'll give it a go... if she lets me catch her first.
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    Uh, hooves get picked out every 4-6 weeks when the farrier does it. I glance over the horses at each feeding and periodically run my hands down legs, but there has been minimal "bonding" time this year. I've groomed maybe half a dozen times in 2017 (ridden maybe 3 or 4?), but hooves would have been picked then, too. Tails haven't been touched in months (other than a quick snip of my gelding's too long hair,) but if it ever stops raining I'll wash & detangle. I took pride in keeping my gelding perfectly groomed when I boarded in a show barn w/covered arena...but I've pretty much given up on everything now that he's at home where I can never ride since it will never.stop.raining.and.producing.more.mud :/

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