How Much Does it Cost to AI?

Discussion in 'Horse Breeding' started by *BaRrEL_BaBE*, Dec 19, 2008.

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    How much does it cost to breed a mare via shipped semen? I know the following are involved but am not fully aware of prices:
    *Booking fee:$___ (obviously a variabe)
    *Stud fee: $____ (")
    *Collection fee: $____?
    *Shipping fee: $_____?

    *Actual cost to AI:$____?

    If I am missing anything, please add to it. Thank you.
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    Booking fee: Usually $200 to $500 and usually included in the total stud fee but non-refundable and payable at the time of booking.

    Stud fee: $200 (for ****) to unlimited. You get what you pay for in most cases. If you have a well-bred mare who is proven in the show ring and/or a proven producer, most stallion owners will offer reductions if you ask.

    Collection fee: I've never personally seen higher than $250 per collection and $200 seems to be the norm. It depends on the where the stallion is being collected (in-house or other facility) and the associated costs for the stallion owner. Many stud fees include the 1st collection at no additional cost but read your contract to be sure.

    Shipping fee: Depends on mode of transit and where the shipment is moving to/from. For semen coming into Canada from the US, I always budget $200 for each shipment "just in case". Again, some stud fees include the first shipment so read the contract thoroughly.

    Actual cost to AI: You need to talk to your vet about this one as the costs can vary widely. The actual cost to inseminate your mare is low but you're also going to need at least 2 ultra-sounds per try (initial to see where she is in her cycle so you can order semen at the right time; 2nd at approx 10 days after insemination to see if she's in foal). Many vets will want to ultrasound immediately prior to insemination also. We've found it most economical for our mares to live at the clinic when they're being bred. It saves on multiple call fees, time off work, etc and the vets reduce their charges a little because some of the work can be done at their convenience. I usually budget $350 - $500.
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    Pink had a good ball park. I've put down what it would be with our stallion:
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    AI if your horses catches on the first go can be worthwhile but if you have a mare that is hard to conceive then it gets crazy expensive....
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    it all depends on the stallion and the clinic, but here's the figures to breed to my filly's sire

    *Booking fee:$500
    *Stud fee: $2000
    *Collection fee: $200
    *Shipping fee: $150
    *Actual cost to AI:$I ended up paying about $500 per cycle including everything.. took two tries
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    If they use an Equitainer, the cost of shipping will be more, but if you get the Equitainer back on time, then they'll refund your money. :)

    But in short, it's expensive. :p
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    It really depends. Here I can AI a mare and it will cost me nothing out side of what the stud fee and shipping cost. Most stallion owners are not including the first shipment in the stud fee which is what I do with my stallion outside stallions I charge $200 to collect and ship. So cost will varie.

    Most of the standard cost are prity much set and you will know them before you acturally breed. However if you are going to need to use a vet to acturally know when you need the semen and to do the AI the cost can get up there. That too will varie depending on the vet and mare.

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    Everything is going to vary, from vet to vet, stallion to stallion, etc. But basically, its expensive.
    My parents have a young stallion (will be 2 in February) so we have a list of breeding costs for 2008, to give us a rough idea of what it would cost to collect and ship off of him for cooled semen. (which won't be happening for a while yet)

    Office call: $19
    Semen Collection: $160
    Equitainer Processing: $45
    Handling Fee: $25
    Equitainer Rental: $35
    Fed Ex Charges (in the US): $90

    And it has usually cost us about $500 per cycle to breed our mares (AI, cooled semen) on the farm.

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