How much do you pay? - UK livery.

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    My old yard was £48 a week.

    • Skip out on weekdays.
    • Morning feed put in 365 days a year
    • Haylage
    • one bag of shavings a week.
    They had an indoor and outdoor, but the indoor couldn't be used in winter due to leaking and the outdoor fences where broken!

    New yard is £34 a week.

    • Morning feed put in.
    I have to buy hay from the lady at 35, even though I prefer haylage as do the ponies.
    She has an outdoor school, but if the temp hits below 2c it freeze's over and is unusable for two-three days after the weather has warmed up.
    We have a little turnout strip but the wetter and colder it is getting, the muddier and more dangerous it becomes.

    How much do you pay and whats included?

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