How long does a strangles quarantine last?

Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by Suzannah, Jul 27, 2008.

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    I believe the rescue where I volunteer was reported for their strangles outbreak and is under quarantine; that's the rumor anyway (I can't find it on the web). How long will a typical quarantine last? Is it one of these things where it is 30+ days from the last diagnosed case, so it lasts as long as it takes to run through the herd?

    And are there restrictions placed on people? The first case was confirmed almost four weeks ago, and probably a horse or two a week has come down with it (and now it's spreading into the pastures). There have been no cleaning measures taken, and only a few "public" restrictions stated - it has been very hush-hush (and we just got 3 new horses in!!!!:no:).
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    The quarantine will last until the last sick horse has been well for at least 2 weeks, or for 30 days without a sick horse......whichever the vets in that area recommend.

    I went thru the strangles ordeal last summer. It went thru my whole herd, and I was under quarantine for 4 1/2 months. Bleach became my friend. I used it on everything, everyday!!! It was a lot of extra work, and a very stressful time, but all horses and myself got thru it.

    Good luck!
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    The quarantines that I've been aware of were typically 8 weeks from the last active sign of infection.
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    Funny thing is, there is no "OFFICIAL" quarantine that is controlled by any one person.

    it is NICE that the facilities "quarantine off" themselves to new people, shows, horses leaving and coming in. But no veterinarian, USDA, etc can FORCE the issue with the laws I read. EIA and a select few others that we really don't see here are forced controlled.

    Strangles in my opinion, isn't something to flip over about either. it comes, it goes, life goes on. Take precautions for your own horse, if he catches it, decide the method you want to work with it. Pray the abscesses don't break internally. And life goes on.

    Can take anywhere from 30-120 days to run its course through a barn.

    Can also be harbored for life in a select few horses that will be carriers and pass it to anyone else that has not seen that strain before.

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