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Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by jojozwiebel, Jan 11, 2019.

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    there is an account I follow on Instagram who claims HorseGuard supplement is the best thing out there. I am skeptical of supplements as they can be expensive for little results, and although I had good luck with BioMane, I do not want to pay for something insane. I just changed my horse to Essential K by Tribute (1lb) and he is getting local grass hay. Although it is winter and he is not in work, I am still curious about this supplement.

    Does anyone have any input? Just curious and wanted to have a discussion. :)

    ETA - it says to feed 2oz for a 1000lb horse.

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    I don't get the hype about it honestly. I wouldn't want to feed something with a corn flour and wheat base. All it appears to be is an all around vitamin/mineral/probiotic supplement. I was getting the same ads for it and their website is horrific to find out what is actually in their products. I don't know what their price point is, but I get Horsetech High Point with a custom stablized flax seed base which has complete vitamin, mineral, probiotics, and provides protein. It appears to be a much better product now that I've seen the HorseGuard ingredients they use for a base. I can post my HorseTech analyisis for comparison later...

    ETA I'm thinking of another product's website, but my comments above still stand :rolleyes:
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    I started my mare on Super Weight Gain by Horse Guard a few weeks ago just based on a friend's recommendation... She posted a photo of one of the horses at her barn who blossomed like crazy on it. My mare tends to drop weight in the winter so I figured trying it during our cold season wouldn't do any harm.

    I haven't seen enough of a difference yet to make the call either way. It's crazy expensive and I won't keep her on it once spring comes around anyway.

    One (very minor) pet peeve with the company is that a week ago they took my "9 month topline development" photo from my IG and used it to market their product without any credit at all. I specifically said in my caption of the image that the majority of the development had come from a better fitting saddle and correct riding, but they made it sound on their page like their product was the only reason for the change. That has rubbed my fur the wrong way.

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