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Discussion in 'Horse Training' started by love67742, May 3, 2018.

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    So my grandma is getting a fence for two mini donkeys, so I asked her if I could get a horse and she's allowing me to get one. I've been to a horse camp, so I know some of the basics, but not a lot. I'm going to start reading about them, but does anyone have anything I should know about horses???
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    Find a barn near you and start taking lessons in riding and caring for a horse. Do this BEFORE you even consider buying one.
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    Your grandma's fencing area for mini donkeys does NOT mean there will be an area big enough to include a riding horse --- regardless of whether or not that horse is a big pony.

    Ditto Peanut Palomino do not get a horse until you have had some lessons.
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    Lessons and you could even look into leasing a horse at a facility.
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    Lessons and possible lease first. Don't buy.
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    Is this a troll? This honestly feels like trolling...

    If not, OP I would strongly advise you against buying a horse unless you have an experienced horse person there to guide you. This might be an instructor, family member or friend. Are there any local riding clubs you could join? Is there a riding school nearby that you could volunteer to help at? I only say this because when I bought my first horse I'd been having lessons twice a week for over 3 years and I still was shocked by how much I had to learn. Knowing how to ride is one thing, knowing how to look after a horse is something else altogether. It was honestly overwhelming! Things like knowing:
    • what saddle to buy
    • what bit to use
    • how often to get the farrier and dentist out
    • how often you need to de-worm and vaccinate
    • what to do if they're lame or sick
    • how to tell if they're lame or sick
    • what injuries you can fix yourself
    • what injuries require the vet
    • what to feed them
    The list goes on from there, that's just the starting point. The internet is a wonderful resource for first time horse owners, but there will be times when you need someone to physically check or show you something. I would suggest looking into part leasing a horse a few days a week before you dive headfirst into the deep end! That way the owner is there keeping an eye on everything, and you can ask them questions if you get stuck.
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