Horse standing with back legs extended???

Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by jnettrecker, Dec 14, 2008.

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    What I see is something with his back right leg. If you look at both of the pics his right leg seems to be postioned normal but to me the back left leg is stretched back in the first picture and then he seems to no be baring wieght on it in the second one. Maybe he has something wrong with that hip or has something wrong somewhere around the bottom of his leg. Just a thought. I have only had my horse for a little while but I sure have learned what looks normal and what does not.
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    We have had a horse that stands like that at the local pony club where i teach, I've known this pony for well over 8 years and it has always stood like this, the owners being a bit clueless as he has gone from one to another think it is just him and its normal, he hasn't been lame or had any movement problems in the first years I knew him.
    However - I know that he has a seriously out of whack muscle build up, is girthy and is tender in certain area's. Because he was left alone for so long he is now permanatly retired at 16yrs, he was a GP pony show jumping and had a hard life - however I find that no excuse to leave a horse standing parked out for 8 odd years there is something wrong when they stand like that whether it be internal or muscluar I'd find out what it is and I would be worried about it.
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    stretched out stance

    i have a horse with shivers that does that...more common disorder than you would think!
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    The first thing I'd suspect is back pain. Then I'd look at stifle or hock trouble.

    I have a horse who stood like that for years before showing any other symptoms. He ended up having navicular and bad back pain, and had to be retired from it.
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    But many are taught to park out SO far that they can't stand evenly on their hind hooves.

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