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Featured Horse Quotes

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rider_4_Jesus, May 26, 2005.

  1. Rider_4_Jesus

    Rider_4_Jesus Full Member

    May 24, 2005
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    3 Barrels 2 Hearts 1 Soul
    *Every Cowgirls Nightmare…..Every Cowboys Dream
    *This Cowgirl Can't Be Tamed
    *Never Let Your Saddle Out Run Your Butt
    *If you ain't scared of the speed goin' to the first barrel you ain't goin' fast enough
    *If you want control buy a remote!
    *Barrel Racing - Scare your mom...Impress your friends
    ^*A western horse has guts and commitment, an English horse has grace and elegance, but my horse has it all!
    *Want to end up with a million bucks in the horse business? Start out with five million.
    *Don't Hate Me Cuz My Horse is fast...Hate Me Cuz Your Horse Isn't Fast enuff...
    *Cowgirl Up Cuz the Buckle Don't Shine In The Dirt
    *You Wish You Could Ride Like a Girl**
    *If you haven't died within 24 hours of doing something you can do it again*
    *Weave 'Em and Leave 'Em
    *Three turns, and Home
    *Barrel Racing may be tough but my horse and I are tougher
    *Turn N' Burn
    *Cowgirl UP!
    *Ride it like you stole it!!!
    *I got a dog and my horse….don’t need no cowboy
    ^*Silly cowboy….trucks are for girls
    *Don’t flatter your self I was looking at your horse
    *I'd rather be dumped by a horse than dumped by a man!
    *To Ride Or Not To Ride?....What A Stupid Question!
    *If there aren’t any horses in heaven then I’m not going!!!
    *Eat, Sleep, RIDE!
    *My mom said I can have as many FOUR LEGGED boyfriends as I want
    *I’d rather clean a stall a million times than clean my room once
    *Live to Ride - Ride to live
    *Love me…Love my horse
    *Wrangler butts drive me nuts
    *I believe in…***** God mothers, Magical ponies, Good honest cowboys, And other mythical creatures
    *A Cowgirl and her Horse, both working for affection, Work hard together day in and day out, trying to reach perfection. They love each other as a partner, as a friend, a never dying relationship that in their hearts will never end. They can't wait each day to greet one another, from day to day they pray.
    *Talent takes you to the top, but character keeps you there.
    *Relax when you enter the arena, run for that first barrel hard, but run with your horse as one.
    *Today I will do what you won't, so that tomorrow I can do what you can't.
    *Respect your mount and they will work that much more for you.
    *How come non-horse people always think you're rich if you own horses?"
    *"In riding a horse, we borrow freedom"
    ^*If you're not making dust....you're eating it!!
    *Do not start with me, you will not win.
    *The surgeon general never said anything about smoking the competition!
    ^*A horse gallops with his lungs, Perseveres with his heart, And wins with his character"
    *You got to work hard, practice hard, and ride hard, to be hard to beat.
    *Surgeons General Warning: Horses are expensive, addictive, and may impair the ability to use common sense 99% of a horses problem is from the saddle up!
    *I bust mine.. so I can kick yours
    *Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never cease to be amused
    *Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.
    *Do unto others as you would have them do unto your horse~
    *God made women so His horses would survive.
    *Love your neighbor as you love your horse.
    *Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly
    *cowboys are like horoscopes they always tell ya what to do and are usually wrong.
    *im at the end of my rope and your tugging on it.
    * dont stop kickin til the clock stops tickin.
    * if your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question, or you asked the question wrong.
    *if you always do what youve always done, you will always get what youve got.
    * there are no short cuts to any place worth goin.
    *my horses, my dog, my truck, my trailer... im set for life.
    *life is to short to worry about the small stuff, leave it in the dust.
    *dont be afraid to do what you want or be what you want, but dont be afraid to be willing to pay the price~ Lane Frost
    *you know your a horse person when; your trying to get around someone and instead of saying excuse me you poke them in the ribs and say over.
    *I love Jesus, my horse and now its between you and the dog....Dog won.
    *its like nuts and bolts...if the rider is nuts the horse bolts.
    *cant never could and wont never will
    *to win you have to risk losing.
    * if your gonna be dumb you have to be tough.
    * nobody ever lives their life all the way up...except bullfighters.
    *dont have any regrets in life if you have a dream... go for it.
    * shut up and cowgirl up.
    * any curve anywhere anytime...Bring it on.
    *Barrel Racin' Can you handle it?(}--{)

    I LUV BESS Senior Member+

    Dec 31, 2004
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    aww! they are cool! thanks for sharing! :D
  3. horse_luvr83

    horse_luvr83 Senior Member+

    Feb 10, 2005
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    i have shirts to half of those, and some i haven't ever heard!!:D those were very cute though!

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