Horse is down and can't get back up?!?!!!!!

Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by WesternRider22, Jul 6, 2018.

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    Feb 11, 2018
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    My 25 year old palomino laid down yesterday to roll around like he does often but this time he couldn't get back up. He could get into the sitting position, but couldn't get his hind end up. He tried to several times, but just couldn't. So we tied some ropes around him to help pull him up rest of the way when he got into the sitting position.
    We were SO close to having him up but he just collapsed back down when he was almost there! So I called the vet but he was eating dinner with his family and said he thought it was colic and he would come out tomorrow. So he should be here in an hour.
    The Horse has gotten a lot worse, he's just laying on his side now and kicking his legs. He is laying out in the heat so I don't know what to do. I've been spraying him with the hose to keep him cool and trying to give him hay and water. He's breathing heavy now. We are having the vet come out to Put him to sleep. How much do you all think it would cost for med? Or do you think he should just be put out of his misery?
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    That poor horse, good lord. So sorry you have to go through this but I would suggest finding a new vet after this mess. I don't know how a vet could let a horse just lay there for hours.

    I'd PTS. We use a gun, but I wouldn't suggest that for someone who hasn't been able to watch it done properly several times. The last time we had a vet pts a horse it was around $300. That was probably 10 years ago though.
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    please tell me you are kidding?

    if I called a vet in an emergency, whether they were eating dinner, it was in the middle of the night, or whatever and he/she couldn't be bothered to come out right then and there.... they would get an earful and I would be getting a new vet.

    leaving him down and in pain that long is very WRONG
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    Get someone with a gun and hunting experience to put him out of his misery immediately.

    Don't you have a much younger palomino as riding horse?
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    Get a neighbor with a tractor to help you get the horse into a shaded area. If the vet you called does get out there today, next time, call a different vet. Today, it would probably take too much time to get a different vet out. So for today, if this one comes today, so be it.

    If you told the vet the horse was down and could not get up, and he would not come out because he was sitting down at dinner, you probably need a different vet.

    The other possibility is communication - that it's necessary to give the vet enough information that he can assess whether to consider this an emergency or not. I like to think that a vet would not get a call that a horse was down and disabled and say, 'I'm eating, I'll come tomorrow.'

    I work with a vet clinic that has I think 8 vets, rather than a 'practice of one' exactly because someone is on call all the time and I can always get someone out, almost all the time, within the amount of time it takes to drive here (45 min). When you work with a 'practice of one' the one guy is getting run ragged and can't even get sick. It's very hard for them.

    You may pay a little less for the 'farm vet, practice of one,' the cost of maintaining 8 trucks and hiring an emergency answering service and coordinating those schedules (need an office manager) and so on, is more. But say I pay 10% more, to not hear, "I'm eating dinner, I'll come tomorrow", to click down through a systematic check list designed by 2 vets with 40 yrs of equine practice, to determine very accurately "is this an urgent situation or not," and to not have a down horse lying thrashing in the hot sun for 2 days. It's worth it.

    We can go over how to communicate that urgency some other time when you have had some time to recover from this situation.

    Did you call the vet before the horse went down? Or after.

    I really don't know why a vet would say a horse that is down and won't get up, believes he has colic, and yet doesn't need to be seen for 24 hrs. That doesn't make any sense. If a horse is bad enough off to go down and not get up, then he needs to be seen urgently.

    Assuming this is not a treatable problem, which I guess you have to assume since the vet didn't come yesterday, get someone out immediately to euthanize the horse. It's not expensive. Or have a skilled marksman shoot the horse to put him out of his misery.
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    Omg. So sorry. Your vet is a buttwad. If you truly feel it’s time, and it seems it is, find a hunter to help you. I don’t envy you at all. Don’t let your horse hurt and longer.
  7. ginster

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    The horse hasn't eaten or drunk anything since he went down yesterday?
    i would have called a different vet yesterday, if I were you.
    Has he pooped ?
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    Seriously? I'm sorry, but you're an idiot if you've let that horse lay there and suffer. What is wrong with you? Emergency euth or shoot the **** thing and put it out of it's misery!
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    Lesson learned: have contact information for multiple vets. Sometimes even the best vet is in the middle of something (like another emergency). Usually they'll let you know who in the area is on-call or available.
    OR-- what should have been done for this horse-- is you keep calling every vet in the phone book until one shows up.
    You don't wait when a horse is down and can't get up.
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    You could have put a pop up tent over him to keep him from being hot in the sun. But the vet should have came after being called, regardless if he thought it was colic or a euthanasia.

    My cousin just went thru this with her senior horse, vet came and put him down that night. I'd say cost will be about $350. It being an Emergency call and all...
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