Hidalgo's descendants need your help!

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    Ok, I know you guys may have already heard about this, but here is the scoop. The descendants of Hildalgo have had the land they had to roam on snatched out from under them illegally, and while it is battled out in court the horses are in grave danger. The lumber company that is wanting to use the land to plant thier trees is about to spray the ground with a chemical that will kill off every green thing and could sicken the horses, as well as rob them of anything to eat.
    The society that perserves these horses have given me the go- ahead, so I am raising awareness for the issue as well as trying to help get donations for them. The horses have to be moved by February 29 (not alot of time, I know) and the main thing they need right now is panels for moving the horses, here is a link to the original info http://pub30.bravenet.com/forum/2524010309/show/1111389 .
    Should you wish to donate (I sent in a measely $75) then here is the info:

    If you use check or money order, then the checks need to be made out to "Choctaw Horse Conservation Program" c/o Return to Freedom PO Box 926, Lompoc, CA 93438. If you'd rather use paypal, you can also do that online at www.returntofreedom.org/donate/main.html . Please note that all donations are tax deductable.

    My thanks to all, and bright blessings today!!

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