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    Welcome to HGS’s ultimate grooming reference thread!
    Courtesy of lamoo.

    Coat Grooming
    The 15 Minute Groomer by HGS
    Grooming Tips and Secrets by meljean
    Dull Coat, What Could it Be? by Cavalier
    How Can I Get That Shiny Coat? by Prince rox
    Vacuuming Your Horse? by horsegirlforeve

    Grooming Supplies
    Metal Curry Comb …bad? by MelissaH
    Grooming Kit Essentials by iheartluke
    Grooming Stone? by lamoo
    Putting Together a Basic Grooming Kit by 18thTommorrow
    Grooming Box Contents by Barnett
    Portable Vac 'N Blo Large Animal Vacuum by catinjmr
    Oster Equine Care Series by iheartluke

    Clipping Winter Coat by Rocket Cutting
    Shave a Cute Pattern on Rump by mistylover
    Clipper Blade # by APHAgurl91
    Terrified of Clipping by dogbetty141
    Whiskers... to Trim or Not to Trim? by **BabyGurl**
    Face/Ear Clipping Step-by-Step by HalterGirl88
    Leg Clipping Step-by-Step by HalterGirl88
    The Best Pair of Clippers to Buy? by KZWestern
    Cordless Clippers, Pros and Cons by Drafty1

    Coat Shedding with Chemical Products by ThisIsMe
    Shedding Out Coat by Kramer
    Help, All His Hair’s Falling Out!... by kandi
    Shedding in Patches? by Bumpkin

    Flakey Skin/Mane by ShadyGirl82
    Dandruff or Fungus? by DraftXLuver
    Dandruff From MTG by Goonhorse
    Good Remedy For Dandruff? by Froggygirl
    Mane Flaking Off by Jenje!

    Mane and Tail Grooming
    Untangling the Mane and Tail by HGS
    Horse Urine Stains (Yellow Tail) by HGS
    Mane Rubbing by HGS
    Thin Mane That Needs a Pullin by SuZQuzie
    HUGE Knot in Tail by billsdaydream14
    Comb or Brush the Tail? by reiner girl
    Tips on Dyeing Your Horse’s Tail by MysticRealm
    Using Dog Shampoo on Horses? by Pharaoh’s Fire
    White Tails by lucky pine
    Fake Mane/Braids for Roached Horse by Indigo
    Brushing the Tail by PrettifulPonies
    Bridle Path by AQHA1972
    Clipping the Tail by Moonlight

    Which Color Shampoo do I choose? by HGS
    How to Keep My White Appy White by appaloosalover8
    Keeping a Black Horse Black… by twhlvr
    Shampooooo! by OxlemonsNlimesO
    Sweat Scraping, Good or Bad? by lynnconnor05
    Ew! Gross Filly by Kar
    How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell by Chelle2005
    Bath + Roll in Dirt = Good or Bad for Heat? by Moostang
    Horse Shampoo by Gallop N Gal
    How Many Times Do You Bathe or Rinse Your Horse? by powerjumper

    Mane and Tail Braiding
    Braiding Your Horse's Mane / Dressage by HGS
    Horse Mane Styles / Dressage by HGS
    Why Aren’t We Braiding Anymore? by CowGirlUp1833 -
    Braiding the Tail by horselover2005
    Braiding - Hunter How to and How Many by lilrider
    Fishnet Braiding? by icyssunset
    Mane Styles Acceptable for English by HJ lilbit
    Banding a Long Mane by reiner girl
    Red Ribbons by jmprgrl
    Braiding Spray by SKiptheodds
    Different Kinds of Braids for Manes and Tails by SeaSide81
    Braiding for the Pasture by SeaSide81

    Hoof Care
    Horse Hoof Care by HGS
    Hoof Care (for you!) by HGS
    Dry Hooves… What to Do? by carriekinz
    Hard Hooves. Conditioner? By QHgin
    Hoof Dressings by Serendipity Zip
    Hoof Polish by Cara
    Sanding Hooves by LazyDaisy
    Dry Hooves, Solution? by prettyqtrs

    Show Grooming
    Shine or Crime… by Bailey-Boots
    What Are Your Show Tricks? by JamieH 7
    Upcoming Show - Need Tips Badly! by QuarterPonyGrl
    How to Get a Horse Looking its Best… by littlemoney08
    Your Grooming Secrets! by ILoveRedRanger
    Grooming for Dressage by Cara
    Polishing Hooves for a Show by Inchworm
    Step by Step Hoof Polishing by UnDun*

    Grooming for the “Cash Impaired”
    Something Around the House… by Domino89
    Homemade Grooming Products by lamoo
    Great Tips for Grooming! by SkeeterGirl

    Common Grooming “Problems”
    Everyday Grooming… Good or Bad? by horsesR4life
    Bott Eggs... by jumpers4me
    Thorough Grooming by lucky pine
    Concerning the Coat by Jonie
    My Friend Is Using Up My Stuff!... by lamoo

    Found a mistake? Please PM me right away! Thanks.
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    My goal for this thread is for it to be a helpful reference to those who are looking for information on grooming. Basically, it make life easier by having all of these resources all in one thread. I would like to continue to update the thread with more helpful links as they are created, here’s how you can help…

    If you know of a thread that would make a good addition to one of the categories on this thread, PM me with the link, and the section you think it should go under. Please do not post it here, I do not want this thread to become flooded.

    If you know of a whole new category that would make a good addition to the thread, PM me! You need to have a topic for the new category and there needs to be at least 5 good threads to support the topic. Again, please do not post here.

    By a “good” thread, I mean a thread that is chock-full of useful information, whether it be in the introduction or the replies, it must have useful information. I don’t want/need repetitive threads, there’s no point.
    I hope all of you great members can help me make this a great thread that everyone can refer to! I know it can!

    I would be forever thankful if a mod would consider making this thread sticky, so that it doesn’t get lost among all of the gazillions of threads… thanks!
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    very good thread!! you did an awsome job!!
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    Great thread!
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    Thanks guys. :)
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    Wow, thats awsome! thats ALLOT of good info!

    Wish I could get that to come up every time I logged on...
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    Awesome thred!
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    Thanks guys! I just wish that it could be sticky so that more people would notice it... there are so many repeat threads out there!
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    This helps a lot!

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