Henry Goes to the Chiropractor!

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    Let me start off by saying I am very skeptical of the efficacy of human chiropractic work. Partly because of the holistic community treating it like a cure all.
    I have felt like it was in his best interest to have him worked on. When I found out his own reputable veterinarian also did chiropractic work for horses I was sold. Great continuity of care right? A few months ago Henry was involved in a horrible trailer accident that he suffered a partial rotational fall and was cast and stuck, his body weight on his face and his left stifle hung up on the chest bar of a straight load trailer. He walked away from that with superficial injuries. Minus one of nine lives, oh sorry that's cats. How many lives do horses have?
    Carry on several weeks later and he suffers yet *another* trailer accident. Much less severe, where he fell under the butt bar and scraped his spine as he struggled against the bar. He had 2 weeks off due to weather and was fine. I bought him a new trailer but that wasn't without him hurting himself either. He continually backed up too fast out of the trailer and hit his poll several times because he lifted his head too high. Yes it's a 7 foot trailer and he's only 15.2. He's made it quite clear he would rather walk out and so that's what we are doing now.
    We also have had problems getting the left lead which is odd for an ex racehorse. In the very early stages of our relationship (May 2018) he would either crow hop when asked for left lead, or perform amazing not-asked-for flying lead changes to the right.
    So this my friends, is my justification for taking him to the chiropractor. He's been needing to go for some time but my barn never scheduled one to come out so I took him by myself.

    His vet trotted him on the pavement and did flexion tests again. All is well except he is not as strong in his left hind, very subtle. Probably takes a vet's eye to see it. ;-)
    She spent an hour with us in total and educated me on what I can do at home to help him. She said she loves what I'm doing with him and can tell I've been working well to develop his top line and she said don't change what I'm doing. What am I doing? Aside from feeding a proper diet to support his work I do a lot of flexion, backing, lateral work, up and down transitions between gaits and within gaits. Yay right! She showed me how soft his tissue is in his shoulder and that when she jiggled it you can see his skin ripple. When you move to his pelvic region above his croup and loins the muscles were tight and didn't jiggle. So aside from her chiropractic work she suggested I do a lot of heavy currying here to break up the muscle tension. He has been compensation on his right side for the lack of strength on his left side. So he is tense on the right but restricted on the left. He was a complete gentleman for her during his session and she kept seriously complimenting me on how nice of a horse he is. She said she can count on one hand the percentage of horses she sees that are not back sore and he is one of them. I am very happy with how our first visit to the chiropractor went. I have a lot of homework to do with him everyday and during our grooming sessions to maintain the work she did on him. All in all he is sound but lacking strength which is great. Because he has been improving leaps and bounds with consistent work. I couldn't be happier with his progress. 20181109_135409.jpg 20181109_134627.jpg 20181109_132805.jpg
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    That's great. I really like your boy. He looks so sweet.
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    It is pretty amazing that he came out of both trailer incidents without more than scrapes.
    Glad to hear there is nothing major that needs work on!
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