HELP! How to get mold/mildew off leather saddle!!!

Discussion in 'Tack & Equipment' started by iluvannie412, Sep 1, 2010.

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    I pulled a saddle out of the tack room because I'm planning on selling it. Well, since the last time I pulled it out (last week) it's been infested w/ nasty mold/mildew! I really don't want any damage to come to the saddle from this. What saddle cleaning products/home products can I use to GET RID of it and make the saddle look beautiful again for a sale???
    Any help is appreciated!!!!:eek:
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    ^^ the above looks really good..... has it soaked in or is it just on the surface?
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    Look up all of the older threads regarding mold and mildew. I'd start by blowing it off with compressed air outdoors. Either a compressed air can like you can get to dust computers, or hose and a compressor if I had access to one.

    This is what I wrote for some other board:

    Leather CPR is excellent, excellent mold food because it has lanolin. If you get mold spores in a LCPR jar or the sponge, you'll cross-contaminate EVERYTHING else that you treated with it. I tossed the jar kind and refuse to ever waste money on it again. I now only use the refill liquid, pour some in a small cup, use a paper towel or other disposable cloth to apply, and then toss the cup and the towel. I start fresh with new cup and towel for the next piece of tack. I have one saddle with a horrible recurrent mold problem, and I truly believe it was spread and fed by a moldy jar of LCPR.

    Listerine is said to kill mold. You can deactivate mold by making leather acid (vinegar), UV (sunlight), drying / dessication (alcohol, dehumidifier, very hot car in summer sun, storing indoors in dry AC'd & heated home. Forced air gas is very good for sucking dampness out.) Anything strong enough to actually kill mold spores will destroy or damage of mar leather or thread. So, basically, you try to deactivate the mold and then keep the leather item in conditions that don't favor mold. I am almost certain that you can't truly kill all mold spores on a badly molded item of tack.

    Leather Therapy is one of the few products that inhibit mold. It does help.

    "Baking" a saddle in a hot car is a good way to eventually rid it of a vague musty or "Florida sour" smell, but you don't want to release mold spores into your car, your home, your shop, or anywhere else.

    You can use compressed air, from a compressor or a can, to blow dust and spores off tack outdoors, before you try to clean it indoors. Oil sometimes is present in air from compressors, particularly the first few blasts. Clear out the hose first, before you aim it at the tack.

    A coat of Ko Cho Line harness dressing is good for keeping dust off and preventing mold from getting a start on, stored tack. It's a good softener, too.
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    Murphys Oil Soap is a good Cleaner but you Have to oil and saddle soap it after, or you can actually clean/ dryout the leather that it will start to squeak.

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