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    Have you found your heart horse, tell your story! How and when did you know he or she was your heart horse? If you do not know what a heart horse is, it is the horse you immediately feel connected to, you know they are special the moment you meet them :)
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    My mare is actually my heart horse. I liked her the day I bought her and within weeks I knew she was my heart. She's given me her all every time I've done anything with her.
    She's been with me through so much and it destroyed me when I thought I may have lost her a few years ago when she fell over her pasture fence into the snow; I found her laying in the snow behind the horse trailer my heart in my throat when I hurried to grab her halter out of the front of the trailer. To this day my family swears that she wouldn't have gotten up for anyone but me, let along stayed on her feet to get to the barn. I guided her wobbly self back to the barn and stayed with her in -20C for most of the night praying that she wouldn't die from the cold. We don't know how long she was down for. I pulled every spare peice of bedding out of storage to put on her (I did not have a horse blanket at the time)
    Obviously she made it, that was almost 3 years ago, Six months after the accident she pulled our little cart down the trail for cancer and she was on the muscle and rocking it, I had such a hard time holding her in for most of the first day. 10 months after the accident I rode her again for the first time since and last year we competed for the very first time together and she gave me her all every single time we entered the ring. We even cantered for the first time together this past year.
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    I really don't believe in that. If you work with enough horses and you are really into them, you adjust yourself to the horse. You get along with them all because you're so into figuring them out, that each new one is a chance to hone your skill and LEARN what that horse needs from YOU.

    It isn't at all, to me, about what horse YOU like or connect with right off, it's about your getting every horse to LIKE YOU, to work for YOU, to be willing to ride and handle well, for you.
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    I have had two.

    My first was an OTTB named Studebaker who had been sitting in a pasture for 6 years. He was 14 when I got him, I was around 16. He wasn't immediately my "heart" horse.

    At first, he was miserable. He was a terror to ride, hot, and screamed his head off any time we went somewhere new. over the years and through a lot of fights, we became the best of partners. He got me through my C3 rating in USPC. He took me to nationals for USPC show jumping at 3'9". We conquered many a horse trial together up to Prelim level.

    I retired him by choice a 21. He had done his deed. He would get jealous when I rode my other horse and do his little nicker as he trotted around beside us. He came out to greet me every day. I could hop on him bareback and he'd pack me around the edge of the pasture at any pace I wanted. He was getting beat up by my other horses and losing weight, so I handed him to a family friend who had 34 acres to go to a retirement pasture. He passed away 6 months later from an undetected heart murmur.

    My horse now is definitely not what I expected. I met him in Florida when I was going through EOD school. I started riding at the barn and there was this really scraggly grey pony who no one rode. I found out it was because he took off, braced his neck, and ran until people fell off. I offered to get on him and, in front of the entire barn, waited until he took off and made him run faster until he gave up. Never tried it again. The original plan was to get him quiet enough to be ridden by children. Didn't happen.

    I didn't need him. I had another horse up in Virginia and didn't need two while in the military. Besides, he was "owned" by a little boy. His owner kept telling me to take him because at that point I was riding him every day and he began to recognize me as his person. I told her that if I got stationed on the east coast, I would take him. And I did. He was given to me for my birthday in 2014.

    Now he's my only horse. I couldn't ask for anything more. He takes care of me, I take care of him. He comes when I call and follows me like a puppy. Has the best manners. He's brave in all the right places and when he's nervous I'll just get off and go first to show him I'm not asking him to do something I wouldn't do. Oh, and he's not a scraggly little pony anymore. Turns out, he shed out, got muscles, and is absolutely stunning.

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    Samson was my heart horse. While I agree with manes that you should be able to work with any horse, and I am not a butterflies and unicorns magical bond person, I did have a special kind of relationship with Sam. I am not once in a lifetime heart horse person, but at this point he has been the only horse I connected with that way. He would do anything for me, and I will never forget the look in his eyes the day I let him go. I lost him to cancer a little over 4 years ago, and I still look for him sometimes when I go to the barn.

    I would say Nikao is a kind of heart horse. He was the first horse I ever owned, and we have been through a lot together. I would do anything I could for that horse, and he trusts me, but there is still something a little different there.
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    There was a time not too long ago when I would have thought what you said above was bunk, but I don't feel that way anymore.

    Getting Ayah as a weanling was a no-brainer. Her slate was clear so whatever ended up written on it was of my own doing. Because our relationship was on the ground for those first 4 years there was much I could teach her, and much she taught me. Through this time spent together doing little and mundane things I got to truly know her and I could spot those moments when she changed - grew up. In having all that time to get to know her personality she wriggled into my heart and there she has stayed. I can read her like a book. She is truly 'mine'. We are a team. We understand each other. Back at the beginning, though, there was just something I felt that told me that eventually that horse would willingly give me whatever I asked of her, and she has.

    I got Chevy when he was 5 and his slate was cluttered with many not so good things. I had to start him all the way over from the beginning. It had worked with Ayah so I took him off trails and there was a lot of in-hand and hanging out time. Things progressed. It took a long time for him to let go of his past and trust in his present and future, but right now he is so embedded in my heart I can't put it into words. I will say, though, that sometimes I feel like I'm cheating on Ayah with as much as I love and adore Chevy LOL He has come so far, we have come so far together. He is now showing, and winning. He is a stronger horse mentally and he is just absolutely precious.

    I have learned different things from contact with both of them, and the most important thing they have learned from me is that they are always safe, that I am consistent and I am fair.

    So, yes, it 'is' possible to have more than one, or several, heart horses. They are the horses we work with and grow with and learn from as well as teach. These are the connections that identify us as horse people. Just like people we meet, there will be horses we don't feel drawn to or don't get a long with, but those that we do wriggle their way into our hearts and stay there always.
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    I tend to agree with Manes on this one. I mean, I've had a few that I liked more than the rest, but "heart horse." Nah. I've also had a few that I down right hated.
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    Sidney is my heart horse.....that little stinker isn't going ANYWHERE (until his time comes that is)! He's probably the only horse out of the many I've owned over the last 50 years , that I've ever wanted to keep until his end of days.
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    There are horses that are very human oriented and have a lot of will to please. You will easily decide that one of these is a "heart horse". But everyone, or nearly everyone would really like those and they would bond with most every human who treats them well.

    Then there are the ones that individual people click with because their quirks and personality somehow corresponds to what that person enjoys, understands, finds itriguing or an interesting challenge. That's horses that would not form a bond of affection with everyone. Needs to be a good match.
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    I've had a lot of horses in my life but there's not one I've defined as a heart horse. I do have my pony I raised. Sold her when she was 10 and bought her back a few months before she turned 17. She's a PITA but she's my PITA.

    My gelding is a sweet horse and I get along great with him. But that's because he's got a good mind, not because I feel any sort of extra connections.
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