Grass Hay vs. Brome

Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by saddlebred14, Dec 24, 2010.

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    Ok i'll ask here since the other forum was no help.

    My friend moved away to college and took her horse with her. I guess they don't sell brome hay down south because all we have been able to find is timothy hay, bermuda and alfafla mix. When she first moved him she had two bales of brome hay that she used to help switch him over so he wasn't going from brome to grass hay. I went down to see him and he has lost a lot of weight, which is good and bad... He was border line foundering so getting him to loose weight was good, but now he has lost too much weight. I looked at the hay and it looks and smells really good, way better than what he was eating. I don't know anything about grass hay, but everyone feeds it up here to their insulin resistant horses and they all are pretty thin.

    I know you should weigh your feed, so i told her when we go back down we need to weigh to see how much he is getting in his stall. The flakes are pretty big and he gets 2 twice a day. When he is out in turn out they have a round bale which he spends most of his time eating. She feeds him 1/4 scoop of safe choice twice a day. He also gets worked every night. We talked to a vet down there and they said the grass hay is not as good as brome, but she doesn't have access to brome except when she comes home and she has no place to store brome at the current barn or a way to get brome down there unless we take it down.

    Oh he is an 11 yr old walking horse and he used to weigh 2200 lbs, and we didn't weigh him but he probably weighs about 1000 now he is about the same size as my horse mine is a tad taller and is 1100. We upped his hay to 3 flakes at night, so he has something to eat through the night. We took a fecal in again and it was still neg (which means nothing, but we get them checked all the time). I was just wondering what would be best to feed him to gain weight back without causing him to founder? I'm going to call her old vet monday and ask him what he thinks, but just wanted to get some opinions it seems pretty hard to find feed down there that isn't a stock feed.

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