Finally made it to Missouri with the ponies

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    It has been a LOOOONG road but we are FINALLY in Missouri. Horses did great on the long haul from California to Missouri as well as out dogs and cats.

    We arrived late July, but boarded the horses at our realtors house until we got the property horse friendly. Mid august we brought them home and slowly introduced them to pasture grass. The pasture is a Timothy/orchard/clover/ lespedeza/fescue mix. The horses LOVE it, they are so fat and happy now, but not over weight. They nibble some here and there but mainly rest and sun bath.

    I love seeing them out in a huge 8 acre pasture able to roam freely like they should be able to. They also come when called too. The other day I called my Reggie and over the little hill he came CANTERING, head held up high and ears perked up. Reminded me of a fantasy scene from a movie.

    Reggie is currently on a small lot because he injured himself and needs to heal before being let out with the other two again.


    Anyways here are some pictures of them.


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