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    I know the list can go on and on, I am looking for feed recommendations, I do live in Canada so I may not have access to some suggestions that are down in the US. I have a 5 year old mare, she's currently on pasture for the summer and doesn't want her winter supplements I was giving her, I actually had her on some high calories but since she's now on the grass and I have moved her from where I had her boarded, her weight isn't a concern at all. She is my main mount, barrel racing, she's sound and healthy right now, probably doesn't need anything, but she does have some scar tissue and a bit of inflammation now and then due to an accident she had in one of her legs. Is there something I can feed for just like tissue maintenance? I was reading on Flax seed, it seems to be what I would be looking for:
    -It can help reduce inflammation which may help horses with joint stiffness or arthritis.
    • It helps improve coat quality adding shine and softness.
    • It improves digestion.
    • It boosts the immune system and can help regulate thyroid function.
    • It can help reduce the chance of laminitis

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