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Discussion in 'Horse Grooming' started by CarlisleChipper, Sep 3, 2018.

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    I agree!! All I used is natural fiber brushes. And the ones I’m contemplating are also natural fibers. The main to remove stains is a coconut fiber brush! :)

    Nope no sensitive gray here! Push harder he prefers it! Hahahaha
    My mom is on Germany, so I’ve asked her to hit up a store with them & get as many as she thinks she might be able to fit in her suitcase (my mom has this thing for bringing me stuff back - always says it won’t fit in her suitcase - if it’s a pair of spurs or a bit!). Surprisingly she’s entertaining the idea!!! So fingers crossed. If not I have another friend going in November. I’m trying to avoid ordering online. The brushes are like peanuts in Germany compared to online or in the USA.......and I’d still have to pay horrendous shipping rates to canada plus duty & taxes upon delivery.
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    Is there a place to buy them in the states as a set?

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