Extreme heat, how do you get some relief to your horse?

Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by RG NIGHT HEIR, Jul 6, 2018.

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    I keep Charms mane braided and sponge bath with luke warm water (not cold). Neck, chest, belly/udder and bum are all hot spots that I keep damp.

    Always remove excess water as that can make them even hotter.

    When I am there I bring her in and put her under fans.

    She has access to an automatic waterer that stays cold. And a huge shelter.

    So far she is doing well in the heat.
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    It was hot here for about a week too! My guys have shade at all times no matter the time of day & 99% of the time there is at least a breeze if not wind blowing through the property. I was still riding, though was doing so early in the AM to beat the heat & staying inside out of direct sunlight (no shaded riding area, unless indoors unfortunately) . Everyone had full water tanks, and the girls came in each day while I was working them. Our barn gets a great breeze through it - so much so that I was in a sweater this weekend while in the barn <-- now before you say "ah well you're up in cold Canada, it was 75*F when I had a sweater on!

    Other than that, everyone gets hosed off and then scraped off and they all served very well :)
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    Well for now our heat wave is over and we have our beautiful San Diego weather back.A bit more humid but much cooler.
    Thanks for all the great ideas.

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