Explain kill pens to me

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    Horses are livestock.
    They are not pets.

    You don't bring them inthe house and “pet“ them.
    You keep them in open or enclosed outdoor areas just like you do cows, sheep, goats, pigs, etc. You don't own them as companions, household “pets“, you own them to ride or drive.

    If you choose to do nothing but pet them, they are still not pets. You CAN pet cows and goats, etc, but they are not meant to be, nor do they make very good pets.

    Never advocate for horses to be classified as pets; PETS and products meant for pets are TAXABLE. That's how the government makes more money, buy taxing pet supplies.

    You own a horse, you own livestock. Period.
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    This made me lol. I have seen some working cats on TV. They were doing all sorts of crazy tricks and such but, I agree, they are in the minority. My cats work, I have no rodents living under/in my home and none in my feed or hay. I pay them handsomely and likely have the best fed barn cats in the county. Rodents are only eaten when the momma is teaching kittens how to hunt as they get more than enough to eat and prefer cat food to rodents! Bugs and snakes are a whole other story, they eat those and all I find is bug legs and snake heads.
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