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Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by CarlisleChipper, Oct 9, 2018.

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    Somehow I came across the youtube channel Evention TV.
    Evention TV And OMG I haven't watched youtube this much since I was a preteen (LONG time ago!).
    I've been wanting to do eventing for years but due to life in general it *still* hasn't happened and I've only taken one XC lesson in my entire life. 8 years ago on an 8 month pregnant mare (her foal is at our barn and grown and friggen AMAZING, mare passed away a few years ago during another birth).
    69813_444012248026_2737797_n.jpg 43504154_10155827699598027_4660017298294177792_n.jpg
    Most of my riding experience is jumpers and dressage. So I am mainly missing the XC piece of it.
    I haven't stopped watching Evention videos. It's like little Mini lessons and tips and tricks that I find to be so useful and applicable. Not to mention everything in the videos is beautiful and so satisfying to look at, and FUNNY. Omg.
    Just thought I'd share my excitement maybe you haven't seen it before.
    I used to think trapping my trainer in a 4 hour drive was going to be the only way to absorb everything eventing. Like hey, you're stuck with me, teach me EVERYTHING. :bow::help:

    Now that I have my farm, truck, trailer, horse I am ready, GAME ON. Except the rain is holding us hostage. :rolleyez:
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    I love evention!! I only have done a few starter events but it is definitely very exhilarating and I'm hoping to do more in the future!
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