Dystopian novels and moves, why do you think people like them?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by slc, May 16, 2017.

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    I usually like dystopian movies and books. Some have original content and characters. I find the endless sequels and/or prequels so boring. I mean how many flipping Batman movies do we need?

    I am totally sick of all the super hero's and all of the adult cartoons. Can you tell I live with all guys, lol?

    The movie industry is on a collision course of its own making. Very little new content coming in the next few years. Avatar has 4 sequels being worked on.

    I used to take my boys to see every block buster, now I wait until it comes on TV.

    TV is becoming so much better. Shows like Game of Thrones have amazing depth and detail. Of course I love The Walking Dead too, lol.

    I am currently watching The White Queen and The Handmaid's Tale.
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    Depends on the book. The ones aimed mainly towards teens can be insufferable sometimes. The Hunger Games was all right. I can't stand Divergent.
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    Teen books often center upon a character who is unique or "special" in some way. I was told by my psychology professor that this is because that age group tends to be dealing with soon becoming an adult, and finding their place in the world, and what makes them special and individual. I think that was very true for me at least. So you have things like Hunger Games and Divergent, and even twilight, where the main character is a normal person who becomes special in some way.

    Not gonna lie, I loved the Hunger Games books. I read each new one the week it came out. As I've gotten a little older though, I notice I tend to gravitate more towards books about normal people solving impossible situations without any special quality to save them. I also find that character development means more to me, which is why I loved Game of Thrones so much, as well as dystopian type things like the Walking Dead. The Handmaid's Tale was something else too.
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    I'm writing a bit of a cross over between history and dystopian right now, as my first real attempt at writing a novel.

    I have always wanted to write about my convict ancestor who came to Australia in the 1830's and married an Aboriginal woman. But I'm not a fan of writing history. I have tried and it just doesn't work for me. So I recently had the idea to use his story (well, most of it) but turn it in a post apocalyptic story. So he still gets sent as a convict to Australia for housebreaking, a lot of his journey is still the same or similar, but the world is in the future and the motives behind a lot of the people are different. I am still trying to include elements from the convict era, such as the often 7 year sentencing, the rules on board convict ships, and I have just incorporated the sinking of the sister ship full of women convicts that sailed along side my ancestor's ship.

    As for reading them, I enjoy anything a bit different that doesn't have love as the main story line.
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    So is this the right thread to state my excitement over the future Witcher series? Fiiiinally.

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