Dumb Baby Moments

Discussion in 'Horse Training' started by Mcdreamer, Oct 9, 2018.

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    Let's share 'em!

    My little dude, Henry, is a wonderful horse. He's around 6 or 7 years old and still very much a baby. He hasn't been ridden consistently in over two years. Like. I think maybe he's been ridden three times in a span of 2-4 years. And in the last two months he's been on 4 trail rides. To give you a picture. And today he had a reaaalll green dumb baby moment. We were walking back to the barn and came across a little water ditch in the crop field. So fun! He pops over it and then just loses his mind. Crow hop! Rear up and strike out! I totally thought I was going to eat dirt but managed at the last second to fall on his neck which he was like "oh wow, hi there, mom."

    But I lived!!

    What are some of your green dumb baby moments?
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    My old Ben was just a really cool guy and he was always doing something very funny. He was actually very serious and would look at you with a very disappointed reproachful look if you laughed at him.

    He was so serious that you could teach him something one day and the next day he would be doing so diligently. And he generally was very well-behaved.

    There was one time when he had an outburst of irresponsible gaiety, and he turned his neck around, looked right at me as if to say, 'Prepare yourself, I am going to buck.'

    And then he gave this little buck.

    AHAHAHAHA. That just killed me. It was hysterical.

    He had a really serious problem with Webber grills.

    There was a Webber grill out by a picnic area and I would ride past it on the way to the trail that crossed the creek and went on to the road where we turned around.

    "Oh...oh...oh...it...it's the grill. Ohhhhh noooo. I can't....horse...."

    "Buddy, it's okay. It's just a grill."

    "But what do they doooo with them?"

    "Let's go look at it."

    "Oh....oh...ohhhh noooooo."

    "It's fine. Look. I'll pick up the top, see?"

    "Ohhhhh.....it's it's dark in there. And it smells like they were cooking horses..."

    "Oh sorry, I dropped the top."



    He also had a big problem with planters. They're so DAAARK..

    And ONE TIME, we were at this boarding stable that had a big picture window in the lounge looking out on the indoor arena. And one time, Ben saw....... A PILLOW. A WHITE PILLOW.



    But the best was - snow. Ben was born in California on the dry side, then taken to Quebec, Canada. And he had this really weird thing about snow. If you walked him on snow, his legs would buckle and he'd fall down.

    "What are you doing?"

    "Lyin' in the snow. Just....lyin' here."

    "You're supposed to keep walking."


    And the best thing about Ben was when he talked he sounded like this guy:

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    Being I have 12 horses and a donkey, and foals each spring... stupid horse things are pretty much a weekly basis.

    Just a few weeks ago, foal got scared, spooked and then more scared because the awful leadrope was CHASING her... ran into and cracked a board in a very new wood fence....

    We finally got around to replacing the board.... hubby was swearing up a storm. Lol
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    Odin has always had a fascination with manure. As a foal he watched his mum do a poo, and came up close to have a good look. Then he was incredibly surprised when the poo landed on his nose. :eek::eek::eek:

    Then the first time he was taken out of the yard he was born in, instead of following his mum, he decided he had to go check out the poo pile. The poo pile was not far from their yard, so it was an easy detour for him. Except at the time the pile was very large and ready to be cleared, and he decided to climb to the top. :faint::rofl:
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    Ugh. When they are first learning to carry themselves appropriately, when they trip then spook lol
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    Idk if this is a dumb baby moment, but it made me laugh. My Mom knew nothing about horses. I had taken a two year old out on a lunge line as she'd been cooped up in her stall with bad weather and snow. She was hilarious. Just doing caprioles and in general kicking off a lot of steam. My Mom walked up and said "that horse is crazy". She meant it. Lordy. :rofl:
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    When I started my mare, she was always more curious than spooky. So the first time she saw a large, open trash can and did a little spook, we went over to further investigate. She approached it all cautiously, then stuck her whole head in the can, and snorted/exhaled loudly. That caused the trash bag to puff up in her face and startle her. I guess she decided she liked it, because for months after that you'd have to always pay close attention to her around trash cans; she'd see one (in hand or under saddle) and make a beeline for it, just so she could shove her head in it and make the bag puff up in her face :rolleyez:

    Then she learned she could tip them over and stuff came out of them and was even more fascinated by them :crazy:
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    On recent trail ride, my 7 year old did great the entire ride except when she saw a dam and bolted up a very steep hill. Then stopped at the top like "I just wanted to show you what was up here"....and we went on with the ride.
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    Not so much a baby-baby, but a young horse, maybe 3 years old. She had never worn a winter blanket (poor thing shipped from a warmer state up to cold, snowy Alberta) and wasn't sure what to make of it plus the electric fence. We put her blanket on, and led her to the turn out while she jumped and carried on and "oh my god, this thing won't get off my back!"

    We put her into the pen and watched as she shot forward, zapped her chest and backed up at warp speed. She zapped her hind end and jumped forward, running straight into the fence with her chest. These pens weren't really wide, but they were long and designed for horses to simply graze and have some down time. By the time she zapped her chest the second time, she very carefully backed up to the center of the pen and just stood there. I'm pretty sure she thought she landed in some strange snowy h3ll where strange things lived on her back and every pasture was out to kill her.

    Another horse, and this was an actual baby, managed to get himself stuck in a snow drift. We were leading his mama from one pen to another and he decided to just cavort away. He didn't want to be caught, so when we approached him, he darted away, took a leap and landed in a snow drift past his belly. He couldn't find his feet to get out, so he just called to his mama and looked pathetic. To her credit, mama didn't really fuss. She just called back and looked at her handler like she couldn't believe THAT was her baby. We had to dig him out, but he sure smartened up after that.
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    My 2017 colt did a similiar thing as a foal and instead of following momma he found his way into the stall with hay bales and proceeded to climb his way towards the top. As you can imagine my heart stopped but the mare wasn't going anywhere so I just dropped her lead and went and grabbed him and shooed him out of the stall. Luckily there wasn't very much hay to climb!
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