Draft horse people!!!

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    I love him and I don't even know him. He's looking much better
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    Even when my draft cross was in full work I never fed her grain. She gets hay appropriate for her weight, now if she were underweight I would certainly keep hay in front of her, let her eat as much as she wants.
    When she was a youngster and gangly I started her on soaked beet pulp, I mix her vitamins and minerals in that. Beet pulp is digested in the hind gut, it is considered a fiber feed, actually much safer than grain. When her weight was down I added oil (Canola). Oil is a very good way to add 'cool' calories. (yes horses don't have a gall bladder but do metabolize oil very well) When she was in full work and I wanted to be sure she was getting the most protein out of her feed I added a couple tablespoons of lysine to her feed.
    When in full work she would get a quart of 12%, more as a treat than because she needed it. She was never low on energy, heh she knows how to conserve energy.....as do many horses.
    I was taught feeding too much hot food, grain, is a common factor in horses foundering.
    It is my observation that most people judge a horses weight by their ribs....if I fed my draft mare until her ribs were a 5/6 on the wc scale her neck and butt would be a 8/9.
    . The stomach, not the hind gut, deals with grain, horses aren't designed to have that much starch. Starch overload is one of the major contributing factors to foundering.
    She maintains easily on hay alone, since she isn't working any more I have to cut back her hay when it isn't so cold the air hurts your face! Just my experience with a draft.
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