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    It’s not that the doorbell is an “offense”. It’s that (in my case anyway) when there have been multiple murders within a mile of your house in the past week alone, and more in the past few months, you don’t answer the door unless you’re sure you know who it is. I’d say it’s a sad world more for reasons like that than people not feeling like having random visitors.
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    If people know you're not okay with random drop-ins/unschedulled social time, or that you operate at incredibly different hours than they do and don't want to be woken up right after you go to sleep, and they do it anyway, yeah, that's kind of offensive.

    If there's a note on the door that says, "We have a sick person trying to rest, please don't knock," and they do it anyway, yeah, that's kind of offensive.

    If they know you have a hard time with verbal communication and it's worse with phone distortion thrown into the mix, and they call instead of text, and then get mad at you when you have to keep asking them to repeat things - well, that one mostly just made me want to cry. Or stuff the phone down his throat. Maybe both. Everybody was mad that day. >.>

    Aaaaanyway. If you want me to make an effort for you, you gotta make one for me, too. If you're going to go to all the trouble of getting ready, loading up the car, and driving over, surely it can't be that much harder to ask, "Is this even a good time?" first. If I know you want to do something, I can either work myself up to it, or save you the wasted time and effort of coming over for nothing. If I know you want to call, I can put my earbuds in and cut down on some of the you sounding like Charlie Brown's parents (I don't usually have time to dig them out and get everything in the right place while the phone is ringing). It doesn't help a lot with the processing problems, so I'd still rather type/text, but at least I can HEAR you.

    But if I don't know you, there's no reason for me to answer, anyway. I'm not looking for new friends, I don't want what you're selling, and I already found a religion. The few occasions that it's been a neighbour who needed help are far, FAR outweighed by the spam (and those got handled by the other people in the house). Same with phone calls - I'm picky about who even gets my number in the first place, and they're all in my contacts, so they show up by name. But 99% of the calls I get are either scams, or debt collection for the people who had this number before me. I have so much crap on auto-reject it's ridiculous (and that doesn't even block it properly; it just sends it to voicemail without ringing -.- ).
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    Yeah, I will check the door. I open the wooden door to see who it is, but leave the screen door shut. If it is a stranger then I either talk to them through the screen door or come out the front if I need to (i.e. for the postie to deliver a parcel). My dog goes off at the door and intimidates strangers quite easily, hence talking through the screen door. If it is a salesperson or someone I am not interested, I just tell them I am not interested and then shut the wooden door again. My dog carrying on puts them off hanging around.

    Phone calls from private numbers on the other hand.. I never answer them.
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    Home invasions: They ring the front door bell, and then also send someone around back to break in. Just saying. Some people here grab the gun before they even look to see who's at the door.
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    Well, our doorbell doesn't work, so unless I see them pull in the driveway or see them through the window, they can stand and ring the doorbell all day and I won't answer. :D Otherwise, it depends on a few things, like whether I'm in my pjs or not, if they look like a salesman or Jehovah's Witness, if my kids are running around yelling and making it obvious that someone is home. I don't remember this ever happening, but if it was dark out and my husband wasn't home I probably wouldn't answer. But then there's always the chance that it's somebody stopping to tell us that the cows are out or the barn is on fire or something, so maybe I would. Basically though, I just don't like talking to strangers or people I don't know very well, so if I can avoid answering the door I do. :blushing:
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