Do your horses have assigned stalls?

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Do your horses have assigned stalls?

  1. Yes - they stay in the same stall any time they are in the barn.

  2. No - I simply put them in whichever stall I choose when they are in the barn.

  3. Other - please elaborate :)

  1. easygoer

    easygoer Senior Member+

    Oct 15, 2009
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    Just something I've always wondered about. Seems there are pros and cons to leaving a horse in an assigned stall night after night, and was wondering how others do it.

    My way of thinking is this: rotating stalls is good for the stalls, as horses tend to like to pee in one spot. Rotating helps the stall dry out since the horse is not always peeing in the same spot. Also, some horses dirty their bedding more and need it replaced all the time, others keep it clean and it will sit in there for ages! I like putting the "messy" horses in then to dirty up the OLD bedding for once so I can get ride of it :p Various little things like that.

    However, obviously allowing a horse to have an "assigned" stall is better for their love of routine. It's also better because they know where they are supposed to be; less accidents with horses going into the wrong stalls. It's also less confusing at feeding time when you know right where you're dumping what feed every day. Also, although the stalls are of course mucked before another horse is put in them, it seems there is less worry of spreading worms by keeping horses in the same stall.

    So, hidden cameras are rolling - what would you do? (love that show :D)

    & please explain. Thanks :)
  2. Tremor

    Tremor Senior Member

    Feb 11, 2010
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    No, my stalls aren't exactly usable at the moment. They're always full of hay.

    Plus, my horses are kept in a dry lot, which has a HUGE lean-to for them to sleep under. That and they always seem to sleep in the open anyways.

    I do have Honey and Connor in the barn, so Honey can gain weight. They know where to go and when. They have the routine down; they walk in and go straight to the feed trough.

    I only have the horses in the barn if its storming and we have young foals, for foaling, or in the winter time for my smaller horses so they can get more food.

    So, no to answer your question.
  3. ApacheWarrior<3

    ApacheWarrior<3 Senior Member

    Oct 16, 2007
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    I have a two stall stable and a run-in. The stable stays open, as do both of the stalls all the time so they have the choice of going in. The only time they're seperated is to feed.
  4. CK Drafts

    CK Drafts Senior Member

    Apr 23, 2009
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    My horses are all together on a dry lot.
  5. bay_blnd jmpr07

    bay_blnd jmpr07 Senior Member

    Nov 2, 2003
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    I had multiple horses sharing one stall LOL

    Boarding barns just makes things simple for everyone to know where every horse is. And easy to find your own LOL

    The barn I'm at run the horses up from the pasture to the barn when they're needed in for dinner/night or bad weather. There's a gate to close to stop them from going straight into the barn...Except one day the BO's daughter's boyfriend froze when Mars went charging up the hill...boyfriend didn't shut the gate and didn't wave his arms all around to stop Mars. So Mars ran right into the barn. Got 2 stalls past his, where the cross ties are and right before the little hallway to the human side door...he hit the breaks, turned around and walked into his own stall LOL

    At least he KNEW where he belonged...just got a little too much speed to make a quick left turn from the field to his stall haha
  6. cschattner

    cschattner Senior Member

    Dec 26, 2009
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    The barn I board/work at has assigned stalls for each horse because the horses run into there stalls at feeding time not lead so it saves time and the feed for that particular horse is in that stall.
    I am glad it is that way since having to lead the horse to a stall every day would be time consuming and frustrating.
  7. horselover227

    horselover227 Senior Member

    Aug 27, 2010
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    My horses can just walk right in to our barn, but they do have their own specific stalls they eat in :) so like we don't lock them up, but they di have specific stalls lol
  8. Equitate

    Equitate Senior Member

    Feb 16, 2010
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    It sounds like your plan would be good for the stalls, but very confusing, especially if you have other people feeding/turning out/bringing in for you. Unfortunately, I can think of many more cons you haven't thought about yet..

    How tall are your stall walls? If horses can stick their nose over and their neighbors are constantly being changed, they could be agitated. Are there any horses with bad digestive problems? We have a pony at my barn that a dropped treat, handful of grain, or even a mouthful of alfalfa could send him colicing. Also anyone with powder or pill supplements who isn't a clean eater will leave their feed bucket messy and you would probably want to keep a bucket with the horse or else scrub them.
  9. Idrivetrotter

    Idrivetrotter Senior Member

    May 18, 2004
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    My racehorses have assigned stalls, the "good" horses are closer to the office so they can get more attention. I also have a couple of my better horses who do not want a lot of contact at the end so they have more privacy. I have a nosey Nellie who LOVES being near the breezeway so he can see all the horses/people coming and going. He's like our air traffic controller :) I usually put horses where they are most comfortable. Some love attention and commotion, others want to be left alone and likes the quiet. So I accommodate their needs to keep them happy :)
  10. PoochtheMighty

    PoochtheMighty Senior Member

    May 16, 2003
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    I've honestly never thought about the benefits of switching stalls up before! I've never had my own place though- only hung around/worked at larger barns.

    If it were my own horses and my own barn, I might consider switching it up every few weeks or so. It might be easier on the horses just to strip stalls of old shavings occasionally though!

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