Do you have Tar Weed? Here's some help on how to get it out of their HAIR!!!

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    I know I have Tar Weed here. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is a NASTY and VERY rapidly-spreading weed that has a sticky gunk on the leaves. When your horse brushes up against it (i.e. touches it with their face while eating, walking through it and touching it with their legs and dragging their tails through it) it leaves a sticky residue, much like an adhesive on the surface of their skin/hair. After some time of touching it constantly the dirt/feces/whatever else the horse comes into contact with starts to gum up and stick together. If not thoroughly scrubbed at LEAST weekly it will turn their tails into rope and just FORGET about getting it off of their legs until the weeds stop producing the residue and it naturally just comes off *usually around October*.

    I have found a way to UNGUM your horse's Tail in 1 minute, and the rest of their body (not quite so quick for safety reasons).

    HOT WATER!!! I'm not talking about so FRE@KING hot it'll melt the hair, but hot. Boil some water in a large pot-we used a crab boiling pot-turn off the heat and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Pour the hot water into a 5 gallon bucket. Have someone hold the horse and place the tail in the bucket (half full of water) and swirl. ***HOLD THE POT AWAY FROM THE HORSE'S HOCKS!!!*** This will loosen all of the Tar Weed almost instantly.

    I MUST INSIST THAT YOU ONLY DO THIS ON HORSES THAT KNOW HOW TO STAND QUIETLY!!! YOU ARE DEALING WITH HOT WATER. NEVER TOUCH THE HORSE WITH THE BUCKET! Once you are ready to remove the tail from the water, hold the tail at the tip so that you are holding it away from their buttocks and hocks and run some cool water from the top of the tail. This will cool the tail before you release it so that it does not harm the horse when their tail comes into contact with their legs. And then, just scrub with shampoo and water and rinse! :D

    For their face, legs, forelocks, manes, and bellies, this is an all-day thing. Rub some baby oil into the caked up tar weed. Get it deep into the hair, don't just let it scratch the surface. Do not rinse out until you are sure the Tar Weed will rinse thoroughly. Keep adding baby oil to the affected areas every 3 hours until you can literally rub it off with your fingers. Then use warm/mildly hot water to get wet, add some dawn dish soap or some kind of degreaser, and scrub until it's all gone. I will highly advise against using the Dawn dish soap more than once monthly. You don't want to dry out the skin!!!


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