Do people realize when they have an ugly kid?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bellalou, Jul 11, 2018.

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    I know that sounds horribly mean but I don't mean it that way. I've honestly wondered at times if my kids (all grown now) were as cute and adorable as I thought they were or if it was just because I was their mom, and knew them, and so I saw them as cute and adorable and they were actually hideous little monsters.

    I have a friend who has a terribly ugly child. I'm sure she's a sweet child (online friend, I've never met the kid in person) - but she's plug-ugly. A little over a year old, still doesn't have hair to speak of, her head is shaped like a cinder block. She looks like her dad, who is a big, fat-headed guy. Very nice guy, but with a big, fat head. Unfortunately, this little girl looks exactly like him.

    I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever say anything to someone to insinuate that their child was homely as a hedge fence (as my dear, departed mother used to say). But I do kind of wonder if my friend ever looks at her kid and thinks, "I love this kid but she's got a head the size and shape of a cinder block."

    So what do you think? Do you think parents realize that their kid is funny looking? And to be perfectly clear, this thread is meant as silly, not deliberately mean or insulting.
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    Not possible to answer the question as I don't divide kids or adults into ugly/not ugly.
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    Funny story,
    One of my younger sisters was pregnant with her first child and worriedly asked baby daddy what would happen if the baby was uggo?
    His respone? Lol, like anyone would make a comment about it even if it was :ROFLMAO:

    Not sure that was what she was looking for but it made me laugh.

    And I'm sorry (not really tho) but all newborns are ugly. Wrinkly red saggy skinned ugly. Of course everybody fawns over how cute the newborn is but it just ain't true :p
  4. Garfield70

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    Yep, with those for me it's more the fascination that this wrinkled, repulsively screeching lump of flesh is in a few years is going to be an inquisitive walking and talking human being. It would help newborns if they wouldn't give off such an infernal, awful noise as soon as they want something.

    The main "uglifyer" for kids is when they are seriously overweight.
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    Some do. I have a nephew that 6 years old and he's just not cute in any way. Doesn't help that he's fat and super annoying and his mother never tells him to do anything. But she knows he's not attractive at the moment and has even mentioned it a time or two.

    I don't know why, but fat children just gross me out and make me angry at the mom. It's one thing if it's a short stage combined with their bone structure, but a child doesn't need three sandwiches for lunch and two or three desserts.

    I've asked my hubby repeatedly "what if when we have kids they're super not cute??" His response, "Well we could adopt a brown one. Brown ones are always cuter." :D We have a very mixed extented family by way of marriage, and adoption. Fostering is high on our list and we plan to pursue that avenue in a year or two once we are financially more stable.
  6. Dona Worry

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    I don't think I've ever seen a child under the age of 10 that I didn't think was a gorgeous perfect miracle, so I am unqualified to answer!
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    Pudge was not a cute baby at first, I kept calling him a potato. But at 7mos now he is a chubby and pretty **** cute baby.

    My friend has a kid who is 9 mos ajd looks like a newborn, to me that is not cute at all.

    Fat kids are cute in the few months old stage, but when it gets to an unhealthy age the fat loses all cute factor
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    I have no idea, having no kids, but DANG some babies are NOT cute. I have a friend who's boy just turned one a month or so ago and he's FINALLY starting to look cute, but for a good 9-11 troll.

    On the flip side, another friend just had her girl about 3 days ago and she is absolutely perfect. She looks like a dainty little flower. I've never seen a baby look so actually gorgeous and feminine before!
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    Anyone else playing "Some snuggly baby..." from Seinfeld in their heads?!? :D
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    Rarely do I ever look at any person of any age and right off the bat think they’re cute/pretty/handsome/adorable. Every once in a while I do, like the really hot crew guy setting up the stage for my favourite band or the super adorable little southern waitress at the restaurant I ate at on my way to Tennesse last weekend. I mostly don’t pay attention to children, but occasionally I see one that makes me go, “squee! So cute!!”

    Most people are just neutral to me until I get to know they’re personality. Then, no matter what they look like, I find they totally good looking or adorable or what have you. Before that, I don’t notice or care. So it’s possible that some of them are actually on the “ugly” side. I don’t know. :rofl:

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