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    My horse had a clean fecal in December. The donkey is on the same deworming schedule. I just called the vet and they recommend Panacur or Safeguard in the spring then Ivermectrin in the fall. They suggested a one time dose; however, I plan to do a follow up dose per the instructions on the label because the pasture is relatively small and they will be attending riding meetings and I will be boarding the horse for a month or two.

    I have always gave Rock a full tube then Duke half a one. I have heard it is better to give a bit more than not enough. I have also heard there are some dewormers where you must be very careful with weight. I do not know the weight of the donkey. The horse is 1050-1100.

    Are Safeguard and Panacur forgiving if I give them a lil extra, even if it’s on accident?
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    The only wormer that I worry about exact dosage is moxidectin. The others are pretty safe, and it is common to use double dose of ivermectin.

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