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    To add to the list of maladies, I had an opthalmologist out yesterday. Started with a slightly swollen upper and lower lid on the left side, vet came out and found no obvious causes, and prescribed a dexamethasone daily for 7 days. She mentioned an abnormality in the right eye that she has seen the past few bi-annual checkups and referred me to a specialist *just in case* it was more serious than she suspected. The guy came out yesterday afternoon and diagnosed a cyst behind the right eye. He said it didn't seem to be effecting any internal structures and all his reflexes were solid. So, prescribed 500lb dose of banamine twice daily for 5 days. I have him scheduled back out in a month to check the eye again. He said to stop the dexamethasone because the banamine should deal with both issues.

    I'd love to catch a break with this horse! Vet said this type of cyst is rare, but that it doesn't cause problems as long as there are no significant changes. No restrictions for his care. My horse will have to be checked biannually from now until.....? We'll just add that to the x-rays we have to do for his front tooth to make sure it's remains viable.

    Anyone have similar experiences with this type of cyst?
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    Nope, no experience, but boy he’s getting his monies worth there.
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