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    Please Note- most of these are not mine. This list is mostly the result of months of hearing about shows, browsing horse ads, and Google-ing "cute/creative/funny horse show names" and any combination of those three.

    Asterisk'd (*) names are originals by me, and ~'d names are personal favorites of mine. Feel free to add any cute or creative, etc show names you know of- also, anyone looking for a show name, feel free to use one of these. PM/reply if you did, I'd love to know! :)

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    Frequent Flyer * ~ (I've loved this name for ages, even before I saw it online)

    Take Flight +

    Capture the Moment

    Center Stage

    Kodak Moment

    Made U Look (Variation: Made You Look)

    Free Verse ~

    Raise The Bar (Variation: Raising The Bar)

    All the Rage

    Extra Extra

    Blonde Logic

    Game Over

    Get Real

    Smack Talk ~

    Wink with Pink (Cheesy. xD)

    Rise N' Shine * ~

    Just Peachy *

    That Summer (A book by Sarah Dessen; like the sound of it)

    This Lullaby (Variation: That Lullaby; another Sarah Dessen book)


    Colibri (means Hummingbird in Spanish)



    Go Fly A Kite * ~


    Keep It Cool

    Play It Cool (name of my friend's large pony mare; barn name is Fergie :) )

    Game Face * ~

    If I find any more or think of some, I'll be sure to add them in replies and/or edit the post. <3
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    I've always liked "She's A Spicey Girl"(or Sheza Spicey Girl)....a friend of mine had a Rocky Mt. Horse who's name was Spice Girl, I always thought it'd be a cute show name for her, but she used her barn name as her show name too...

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