Crazy day! And why do cops shine their light right in your eyes?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by hermonine, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Man it freaked me out a couple cops just came over due to emergency call from my tenent (who they thought was me I guess). I thought something was wrong with my tenent for he has been very sick lately. And when they talked to me they shone that light directly in my eyes. It's hard to respond to their questions when you can't even see. I mean I was light blinded lol.

    I think they thought I was doing something wrong or something for I didn't answer the door when they knocked. I did not even hear it. I had my music playing and when I stopped it due to the dogs barking I assumed my parents were home. And I was getting ready for my dad's Birthday so I thought they were home early so I turned off the music and ran to my dads room in the back and put up his last present only to is when I see somebody on the side of the house shinning a light in his room after I put it up. This is when I started getting scared thinking their were robbers on the property or my dad was shinning his light in my face for some reason. This was when I grabbed my small dog (for protection :rolleyes:) and slowly opened the door only to see a cop there and later another one and after they asked me if I called they started questioning me if I was the one who ran to the back, etc. and after they saw my tenet if they could talk to me only to ask for my id and write everything down asking all these questions, if I had been arrested before, parol, if my parents were home, where were they, how old I was, where I worked, phone number, etc. Most of the time with that light shone in my eyes (that thing is bright!). I have to admit when I was talking to them I was rambling I was so nervous and that light did not help. I was so nervous I had to think about how old I was before I told them...which probably did not look good. Now I am freaked out. All I wanted to know is was if my tenant was alright. Which they said he was but to just keep checking on him. Are they going to call my job? Call me? Am I going into the system or something? They seemed more worried about me than my tenant it was scaring me. I don't think I did anything wrong for police action. This is the first time I have been questioned like that. All I wanted to do was suprise my dad when he got home now I get this and I really don't feel up to doing anything else.
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    Why do they shine a light in your eyes? Because it's harder for you to attack them when you're blind.

    I wouldn't worry too much about them calling your job etc. if they talked to the tenant and found out that the tenant called for them (unless the tenant was calling on something you did?:D)
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    Also, eyes are an indicator for drug/alcohol/substance use or abuse. And people who've hidden drugs or stolen goods or whatever will often unconsciously dart their eyes toward it while being questioned. They probably wondered what you hid, lol.

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