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Discussion in 'Horse Grooming' started by Quarter Girl, Jul 16, 2017.

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    My filly is 2 (almost 26 months lol). I got a farrier in. He was good. He does many horses, ranches and breeding stables. Like I said good. They where just barefoot trims but I wasn't blown away. I can see he has the training and knowledge it was just sloppy.
    I wish I had kept pictures but I ended up deleting them. But they whernt very even. He rasped some but their where still a couple obviously clipped spots.
    3 different people have showed me how to trim hoofs. I have limited experience but I've done little things like fix cracks and my new mare had significantly long toes so that's getting fixed. IMO I don't do too bad of a job.
    But I want my fillies hoofs dealt with by someone with much more experience than me. I was thinking of getting her corrective shoeing (bit of a cow hock) She's going for a few training days in 2 months. I don't think I want her in shoes over winter.
    I don't know much about this kind of shoeing. I'm not made of money so I would rather just get the shoes taken off and reset but I don't know if you can do this with these kind of shoes?
    Would I just be wasting my money if she only had these shoes from start of august to end of November (4 months) then putting them back on in about April-may? How long does this usually take?

    I have little knowledge. For those of you who have more than me please share lol! Thanks!!
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    No, no no. You don't use corrective shoeing to “fix“ joint structure. All you would be doing is torqueing the joint by having the horse's hooves cranked off the optimim.

    Just trim the hooves so that the hooves are balanced. Cow hocks are what they are. Besides, a little cow hocked means strength in pushing off. Fine for anything besides extensive hard, fast work.
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    Who got you into the idea of corrective shoeing?????

    No, you can not fix less than ideal joint angles etc with corrective shoeing and there is no need to fix this because it doesn't cause health problems.
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    There are some things that can be fixed with corrective shoeing but in those cases the horse is much much younger than yours.

    Cow hocks are not something that would be corrected with shoes and your filly is way beyond the age of it being a good idea anyway.

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