Correct way to discipline horse when in the saddle

Discussion in 'Horse Training' started by angels3, May 12, 2011.

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    I'm having a problem with how to discipline my horse while I ride. I have let him get away with too much and now its starting to come back to me. Tack and health check out fine, I think its just him being a jerk. He starts off great when I first get on him, but as we progress, he starts to get excited and starts bucking or getting strong. What would be a way to discipline him while I ride? Should I get off and lunge the poo out of him??? What about stopping him and backing him up? I thought about carrying a whip with me, but I don't want him to associate the whip with punishment since I also use it as a training aide.
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    How did you check his tack? his health? There is a reason why a good horse would change during a ride-not just because he's being a jerk...much easier to be a good horse :)
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    When my horse starts popping his back end up, just being silly, usually when we start working on canter, I just sit to it, ride him through it and continue to ask for whatever I was asking for when he started being silly. He eventually realised that acting naughty didn't get him anywhere, and he just doesn't bother anymore. :) I know that staying on through bucking can be easier said than done, but trust me, it improves with practise. Good luck :)
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    Redirect his behavior into something more desirable. Don't make it so much about what he IS doing, but keep asking for something you DO want him to do.

    The instant he starts into a bucking episode, pull his head around to stop the bucking and immediately send him forward, strongly. If he "bolts", don't correct that, for now - he did what you asked, even if a bit too urgently.

    When he gets strong, put him on a circle, smaller and smaller, until he's where you want him, them make a change to something different but something he knows how to do.

    Repeat over and over. You cannot get mad, because then you start to punish and that isn't effective in situations like this. But if you need to use the crop/whip to get him forward during a bucking episode, use it. It's a back up to your leg, not punishment for bucking. If he was behaving, but ignoring your leg, you'd use the whip in that situation - no different here.

    Back to "a little strong" - make very very sure that he isn't just getting nice and forward. Many, many riders end up stifling a horse's forwardness because they feel the horse is going too fast, but really he's just going nicely forward.
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    What do you mean when you say "I've let him get away with too much"... be as complete as possible with your thoughts.
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    I always think of what Clinton Anderson talks about in his clinics, make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard.....when he acts up ride him around and around in a small circle, keep his feet want him to know that whenever he shows a certain behavior that isn't acceptable he's going to be made to move as his discipline.....once he figures out that if he behaves he gets praised and maybe a rest, and bad behavior means extra work, he will probably get it!

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