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    Alright my show gurus, I need help again. I have a Pinto show coming up in a month and my friends 7 year old daughter is going to show Miss Mare in a few classes. I cant tell if they seperate the class out by age besides youth and adult. The points are awarded by age class, but I cant tell if all the kids are in the arena at the same time or not.

    Anyways, what do kids that young show in? Specifically English attire. Ive seen kids show with those leather straps instead of tall boots, but I wasnt sure if thats acceptable in a class she could theoretically be riding with 17 year olds.

    Also, are kimberwicks show legal? Im fairly certain my friends daughter could ride her in her normal snaffle, but itd be nice to give her a little more stopping power if she needs it as it would be the kids first show ever. Shes a pretty good little rider, but she is little.

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