Bot Fly Eggs!!!!

Discussion in 'Horse Grooming' started by jkligora, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Thank you for making this thread because I'm having the same problem! I also have another question:

    Is there any way to PREVENT bot flies from laying eggs on your horses?
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    Slick n Easy. Just be sure to "sharpen" the edge every time you use it, because it becomes rounded with use. Just brush the edge against a surface like the edge of a wall or the edge of a door or something. It describes it on the package.
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    A whole body screen barrier. I wish! There are some fly sprays that will aid in the repellency of bots flies and will kill bots in egg stage. I do beleive that Equicare used to make a boticide to spray on.

    The thing about bot flies is that they have no working mouths so ingestion of a chemical to kill is not likely to occur but there are repellants. They are a HUGE pain and do the most damage in larvea stage (ie the stomach). There are 3 types of bot flies Gasterophilus nasalis, G. hemorrhoidalis, and G. intestinalis. G. intestinalis lays the yellowish eggs more commonly found on the legs, shoulders and even mane of horses, they are more the more common type of bot fly. The G nasalis deposit yellowish to whiteish eggs inbetween the jaws of the horse. The G. hemorrhoidalis usualy lay smalll black eggs near the mouth and chin of the horse. The later two flies are usualy small and go unnoticed. This is the main reason why a boticide at the right time administerd is so important. Bot flies become active here, in my area, duirng the early Fall through the first frost. Depending on your location will depend when its best to deworm with a boticide. You can also consult your Vet for the best deworming program for you area that includes a boticide.
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