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Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by Miz Khiz, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Are they preventable?
    When is the best time to de-worm for them?
    Is there a de-wormer that works better than the others when it comes to bot flies?
    Is there also a comb or something to remove them?

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    Bots are preventable!

    Yes they are soo preventable. The fly if you see him is quite large and flys like he has dipped into a vat of whiskey. A purchased bot comb or cheap disposable razor works wonders.... or if your bored you just sit there and pick them off. You have to make sure you get them all though. Effective control of horse bots requires breaking the life cycle of the fly.

    Insecticides are labeled for external treatment using warm water wash. This must be done after eggs have been laid but before they hatch. The larvae will hatch and die from contact the insecticide. Treatments should be applied weekly during peak oviposition periods (August-September). When washing, protect hands from insecticide and larvae with synthetic rubber gloves.

    For internal treatment of horse bots, consult a veterinarian. Insecticides are labeled as liquids, bolus, and feed additives for horse bot control. Internal medications will usually control second stage but may not control third stage larvae. Most effective treatments should be applied to control second stage larvae one month after first sighting of eggs. Materials that control both second and third stage larvae should be applied in the fall of the year.

    As for what controls thes pesky creatures and a few other things: ascarids, large and small strongyles, pinworms, bots they would be Ivermectin, (Eqvalan, Phoenectrin, Zimecterin ) or Moxidectin (Quest)

    Hope this helps you out Miz Khiz!

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